American Rhythms and Four Saxophones

2017 December 14 Past event
1 h 40 min
18.00 - 24.00 €
Start of the event: 6.30 PM

Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra
Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Modestas Pitrėnas

Saxophone Quartet „Signum“ (Germany):
Blaž Kemperle, Erik Nestler, Alan Lužar, Guerino Bellarosa

Program: Osvaldas Balakauskas, Bob Mintzer

Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra led by the pride of Lithuanian culture Modestas Pitrėnas after one year break will again perform together with the saxophone quartet “Signum” (Germany) at the Klaipėda Concert Hall. With its youthful energy and fresh ideas “Signum” blows into the European concert halls and festivals with the wind of changes. The pleasure of experimentation as well as versatility is reflected not only by the unusual programs of the quartet. Four young musicians may be heard interpreting classical works for a quartet along with their amazing arrangements of well-known pieces supplemented with the new inspiring sound. Performing music with ease and most often without the scores, this young ensemble complements their performances with stage movements and elements from instrumental theatre. This time splendid performers will give an expressive permormance of “American Rhythms” for saxophone quartet and orchestra written by the composer and saxophonist Bob Mintzer. In the first part of this evening we will also hear the Symphony No. 5 by Osvaldas Balakauskas, honorable personality of Lithuanian culture, celebrating his 80th anniversary. “O. Balakauskas is an acutely individual voice in today's symphonic world”, – once has critic Göran Forsling said. According to him, the last part of the Symphony No. 5 “could be a charming bis of every symphonic concert which could raise up everybody on their feet”.