“Rites for the Orchestra”

2016 September 30 Past event
1 h. 40 min.
10 €

Event start: 6:30 pm

Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director and Soloist Mindaugas Bačkus (cello)
With the participation of Joris Sodeika (piano)

Programme: Gintaras Sodeika, Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė, Jurgita Mieželytė, John Tavener

“Rites for the Orchestra”is a programme of “music that involves not only auditory experience but also participation. We sought to combine different kinds of artistic expression to augment the effect of the music we perform,” says the artistic director of the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, Mindaugas Bačkus. The first half of his specially tailored programme is dedicated to Lithuanian music, including new works by Gintaras Sodeika and Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė, as well as a theatrical opus by Jurgita Mieželytė, allowing for some histrionics on the part of the orchestra musicians.
But the emotional climax will be certainly reached in the performance of John Tavener’s Protecting Veil for cello and orchestra. In his piece, the composer said he has “tried to capture some of the almost cosmic power of the Mother of God. The cello represents the Mother of God and never stops singing throughout. One can think of the strings as a gigantic extension of her unending song”.
Mindaugas Bačkus, who will play solo in this meditative music, appreciates it “as a conceptually wrought 45-minute-long prayer in music. I was drawn to it because of its symbolical content that enriches music with deeper meaning and sensibility.”

Gintaras Sodeika, Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė, Jurgita Mieželytė, John Tavener

“Music of Changes” in the ever-changing world

The upcoming “Music of Changes” Contemporary Music Festival is to take place in Klaipėda from September 20 to October 7, inviting the citizens to open up their minds to change and promising plenty of new experiences. By presenting the most daring and exciting musical art of our time, the festival attempts to captivate the audience from the very first moments it enters the Klaipėda Concert Hall. The current edition comes with a new feature: this year the sound installation From Sand, Water and Iron will welcome everyone attending the festival’s events. It was conceived and realized by Yiorgis Sakellariou, a Greek-born composer currently residing in London, using sound material that has been collected during field recording sessions in Klaipėda where he had lived a few years ago. In composer’s words, “Klaipėda’s soundscape is the basis and inspiration for an auditory experience of an expanded reality. From Sand, Water and Iron forms a reconfiguring and intangible cosmos, a place where three elements are transformed into sound, independent in time and connected in space.”
This year the “Music of Changes” festival offers a programme of seven engaging concerts and inspiring talks with the renowned artists and performers from Lithuania and from all around the world. Concerts will feature musical works that propelled change in the history of 20th century music and the most remarkable developments in the musical art today. Both the mentioned sound installation and works featured at concerts reflect the ever-changing world of sound. Vibrant and boundless, it will encourage us to invite change into our lives and environment.
Let’s open up our minds to change and new experiences together with the “Music of Changes”!

Open for viewing before the festival’s events, from 6 pm, at the KCH’s Ground Floor Foyer
From Sand, Water and Iron
Concert-installation by Yiorgis Sakellariou (Greece / UK)
Meet the artist on September 22nd, during the interval (around 7.15 pm)