A Feast of Piano Duos

2017 November 15 Past event
1 h 30 min
10.00 - 14.00 €

Start of the Event: 6.30 pm

Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director Mindaugas Bačkus

Soloists: Rūta Rikterė, Zbignevas Ibelgauptas (piano duo), Vilija Poškutė, Tomas Daukantas (piano duo, Lithuania / Switzerland), Sonata Zubovienė, Rokas Zubovas (piano duo)

Programme: Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sándor Veress, Darius Milhaud

In this concert the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra will share the stage with three piano duos. What unites all these very different pianists is their enduring commitment to the genre since their study years at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT).

Compared to their fellow pianists, Rūta Rikterė and Zbignevas Ibelgauptas enjoy the longest career as a piano duo, lasting for twenty eight years now. They both share their experience with younger generation of pianists as professors at the LAMT where Ibelgauptas is also currently appointed rector. The duo boasts a broad and varied repertoire, with an equally extensive touring history.

Vilija Poškutė and Tomas Daukantas currently reside in Switzerland where they continue to perform as a duo, which they formed seventeen years ago. In addition to the intense schedule of concerts, they are frequently found in the recording studio, having already six releases to their credit. Tomas Daukantas, incidentally, comes from Klaipėda where he studied at the Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts.

Sonata Zubovienė and Rokas Zubovas began to perform together almost twenty years ago when they lived in the United States. After they decided to return to Lithuania, the duo became actively involved in the local cultural life, to which they continue to contribute original ideas concerning the presentation of and interdisciplinary approaches to music.

The Feast of Piano Duos will also feature the recently acquired Steinway & Sons concert piano, which is now the second such instrument owned by the Klaipėda Concert Hall.