2016 December 13 Past event
1 h. 40 min.
18 €, 24 €

Event start:
6:30 pm

Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director Mindaugas Bačkus
Andres Mustonen ArtJazz Ensemble (Estonia): Andres Mustonen (violin), Jaak Sooäär, Paul Daniel (guitars), Taavo Remmel (double bass), Tanel Ruben (percussion)
Liudas Mockūnas (saxophone)

Programme: jazz takes on Georg Friedrich Händel and Johann Sebastian Bach

Andres Mustonen is a cult figure in the Estonian music scene. A multifaceted musician, he plays music from Baroque to Renaissance to jazz and conducts oratorios and pieces by leading contemporary composers. As a conductor, he is welcomed by orchestras throughout the world, probably due to his approach: “I am not coming to teach musicians how to play – they already know how – but to inspire them and to discover music together with them.”
According to Mustonen, “Separation between the genres is one of the problems of the music world today. Classical concert goers know nothing about the rock scene, while jazz lovers have no idea of what is happening in the opera house. Those who create classical programs are afraid to disturb their audiences by breaking the routine. The result is stagnation, boredom and death of music. But every concert has to be a vivid emotional experience for listeners and performers alike,” he asserts.
This time Mustonen returns to Klaipėda together with his jazz ensemble. In the programme, prepared in collaboration with the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra and entitled “Händel–Jazz–Bach,” he will present some well-known Baroque music masterpieces combined with exhilarating jazz grooves.
Jazz takes on Georg Friedrich Händel and Johann Sebastian Bach

Soon we will tear the last leaf off a calendar of the year 2016. The Salve Musica Festival will soon fill the Klaipėda Concert Hall with the glorious strains of Christmas music. Running for whole month, from December the 1st through the New Year’s Eve, the festival offers thirteen events that will bring peace and bliss to your hearts, remind of the passage of time, and inspire a desire for true values. We invite you to spend the most beautiful season together and celebrate Christmas with music!