2017 October 27 Past event
1 h 10 min
10 €

A project of musical “action”
Start of the Event: 6.30 PM

Vytautas Labutis (saxophone, clarinet, loop station), Andrius Puplauskis (bassoon, loop station, audio processor, duduk), Darius Bažanovas (tuba, audio processor), Artūras Šlipavičius-Šlipas (guitar, rubaba), Rokas Zubovas (piano), Laimonas Staniulionis (percussion)

Programme: musical improvisations after the paintings by Artūras Šlipavičius-Šlipas

In the religion of Ancient Rome, haruspicy was the art and practice of divination by examining the entrails of sacrificed animals. These rites were meant to learn the divine will regarding the course of any human action.

The cross-genre intermedia project named “Haruspicy” is comprised of six improvisations of varied genre (including classical music, avant-rock and jazz) based on six spectacular paintings by Artistc and musician Artūras Šlipavičius-Šlipas is the founding member of the Lithuanian avant-rock group Ir visa tai, kas yra gražu, yra gražu (also known as IVTKYGYG) and a recognised visual artist, holding many international awards for his paintings. He is also active as an intermedia artist, having produced a number of interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with saxophonist Vytautas Labutis, one of the most notable personalities in the Lithuanian jazz scene, who has consistently demonstrated openness to the most diverse formats and genres. In this project they will team up with an adventurous bunch of musicians with a knack for experimentation, including bassoonist and chamber musician Andrius Puplauskis, tubist Darius Bažanovas, drummer Laimondas Staniulionis known for his collaborations with various popular music groups, and classical pianist Rokas Zubovas.