Young and Artistic II

2017 October 18 Past event
1 h
8 €
Start of the Event: 6.30 PM
Venue: at Klaipeda Concert Hall ground Floor Foyer

Artistico String Ensemble
Dalia Dėdinskaitė (Artistic Director, I violin), Benas Gocentas (II violin), Ugnė Petrauskaitė (I viola), Viktė Rimšaitė (II viola), Gleb Pyšniak (Artistic Director, I cello), Gintarė Kaminskaitė (II cello), Simona Zajančiauskaitė (piano)

Programme: Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Aleksey Igudesman, Jean-Baptiste Barriere, Robert Davidson

The Artistico Ensemble was formed by violinist Dalia Dėdinskaitė and cellist Gleb Pyšniak in 2015 and soon presented a series of successful appearances throughout Lithuania, including small towns and major venues, such as the Klaipėda Concert Hall. Listeners and critics alike were then struck by their fascinating virtuosity, professionalism and musicianship.

“We weren’t teachers, but rather fellows to each other. We played together a lot and struggled to achieve a common goal – to prepare a demanding programme in the shortest possible time and to find the most engaging format of its public presentation,” said the artistic directors. In their own words, “all performers in the Artistico are colourful and charismatic personalities; as an ensemble they can fascinate every music aficionado.”

The second programme presented by the Artistico Ensemble features broad selection of classical music, ranging from the orderly strains of Baroque polyphony to the sensuous tunes and rhythms of Latina dances.