Musicological Conference

2017 October 7 Past event
Start of the Event: 10 am
Venue: at Klaipeda Concert Hall Conference Hall

“Another Tradition. The Influence of the Reformation to the Music Culture of Lithuania”

Various religious denominations have left their trace in the cultural history of Lithuania. The 500th anniversary of the Reformation offers an inspiring opportunity to revise the cultural heritage of Lutheranism and its impulses that have in a way affected the course of music history in Lithuania. To discuss diverse aspects related to the role of Protestantism in Lithuanian musical culture, music researchers from across Lithuania and other countries gather in Klaipėda, one of the major cities in the former Lithuania Minor, which has witnessed many dramatic historical upheavals and has been home to many prominent cultural luminaries.

The conference is organised by the Musicological Section of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union in collaboration with the Klaipėda Concert Hall.