Music of Changes 2013

Contemporary Music Festival
19 September – 4 October 2013

The “Music of Changes” express will arrive in Klaipėda on September 19th. Get on board to explore the most adventurous routes of contemporary music and get thrilled by the brave new sounds!
This festival has always strived to present the tried and tested music of this and the past century, full of breathtaking ventures and remarkable discoveries. The signs of modern culture are present all over the festival’s programme, revealing a lively, dynamic and communicating sound world. While Lithuanian music and musicians have a considerable share in the programme, it also promises an acquaintance with the composers and performers from the more distant countries, such as the United States, Canada, Argentina, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Estonia. A stylistic panorama of extraordinary diversity will be put on view at festival’s concerts, ranging from the plains of Minimalism to the highlands of Expressionism; from the distant horizons of neo-Romanticism to the isles of Sonorism; from the rational structural edifices to the free expanses of improvisation. An express of inspiring and constantly changing music will soon dispel autumn melancholy and freshen up your minds!
Thursday 19 September, 6 pm
“American Music: Experience and Get Shocked”
What is the music by contemporary American composers like? Does it show any signs of the original American style? What influence did the European musical traditions have on its development? How did it shape under the influence of the local musical traditions, embracing, above all, jazz and various Afro-American musics? Is there anything fascinating, or even shocking about it?
The festival’s opening programme “American Music: Experience and Get Shocked” presented by the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra will make a comprehensive introduction to the omnifarious and multinational soundscape of American contemporary music. This programme has been compiled especially for this concert by the American conductor Neal Stulberg whose concert itineraries extend from North America across the Atlantic and to Australia.
Tuesday 24 September, 6 pm, at the Ground Floor Foyer
Video Club “Musical Letters to Sofija”
Letters to Sofija is a biopic that dramatises the last years in the life of Lithuanian genius Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, his love for the writer, his future wife Sofija Kymantaitė, and his homeland. Starring in the leading role is pianist Rokas Zubovas, Čiurlionis’ great grandson, whose subtle acting creates a vivid portrayal of his great grandfather’s emotional world. Zubovas must be also credited with recording the entire music for this film.
The festival’s video club “Musical Letters to Sofija”offers a meeting with Rokas Zubovas, at which he will share his experiences about the work on the filming locations and the role of music in the making of a film. The talk will be accompanied by fragments from the film and some deleted musical scenes.
Wednesday 25 September, 6 pm
“Sound Catchers”
An ardent devotee of the music of our time, the Quasar Saxophone Quartet returns to the Music of Changes Festival in Klaipėda. Celebrated for its energy, audacity and exceptional technical ability, Quasar explores different aspects of artistic creation from instrumental music to live electronics, from improvisation to instrumental theatre. The ensemble has formed solid partnerships with a number of Canadian and international composers, aiming to provide a platform for new music experiments, exploration and production. This concert will be no exception: in the programme titled “Sound Catchers” it will explore various characteristics of sound, texture and timbre, allowing us to experience their magic power. So do not hesitate and rush to this concert!
Friday 27 September, 6 pm
“Mountain Sonata”
A magnificent plateau of orchestral sound will await you in the programme “Mountain Sonata, luring with its vertiginous heights. The programme performed by the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra under its Artistic Director, Juozas Domarkas, consists exclusively of works by Lithuanian composers. All of the latter have been and some of them still are faculty members of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre that celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Conductor Juozas Domarkas and pianist Petras Geniušas who will appear in this programme are professors at the same academy. Another guest of this concert is German trombonist Mike Svoboda who is widely renowned for his innovative trombone performance. He currently combines active concert career with teaching trombone and contemporary chamber music at the University of Music in Basel.
This programme has been developed in collaboration with the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.
Tuesday 1 October, 7 pm, at the Klaipėda Railway Station (Priestočio g. 1)
“Sound Trains”
The most unusual venue and the special occasion (International Music Day) will encourage the audience, gathered for the “Sound Trains” concert at the Klaipėda Railway Station, to open up for new impressions and changes. The main attraction of this programme is Steve Reich’s famous string quartet piece Different Trains. Inspired by Reich’s childhood memories, this work features recordings of train sounds in America and Europe of the 1930s and 1940s, interviews with people who travelled those trains, their memories of wartime and Holocaust. The original recording of this piece by the Kronos Quartet won Grammy in 1989 for the Best Classical Contemporary Composition.
The Lithuanian Chordos String Quartet, formed fifteen years ago, has demonstrated its long-standing commitment to promoting modern Lithuanian music in the world and introducing the best of the world’s contemporary repertoire for string quartet in Lithuania.
This concert, accompanied by the sound of a real train passing by, will surely leave lasting impressions!
Friday 4 October, 6 pm
“Meditation – Expression”
“Meditation – Expression” will introduce two different composers and two soloists with very distinct approaches to interpretation. Meditative, full of profound symbolism and indirect allusions, the music of Raminta Šerkšnytė will be presented in the first half of the concert, with flautist Vytautas Sriubikis soloing in one the pieces. The second half will feature an expressive and original composition for saxophone and string orchestra by Eddie Sauter. Fusing the elements of contemporary classical music and jazz, composed and improvised moments, it will provide plenty of opportunities to demonstrate the interpreter‘s talent of Liudas Mockūnas. According to the Artistic Director of the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, Mindaugas Bačkus, this piece has never been performed in Lithuania before.
Let’s take a trip to the world of new sounds on the “Music of Changes” express! We invite you to move, think different, listen to something different and change!


A contemporary music festival Music of Changes each fall presents the best examples of 20th-21st century music as well as contemporary forms of expression. The festival introduces interactions of various art forms and encourages untraditional ways of creativity. Masterpieces that determined the changes in the music history of the last century as well as the searches of contemporary composers are included in the repertoire of the festival. A date with contemporary music, its creators and performers each year opens up a possibility for new experiences and a change of perception.

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