“Re: Music That Was Born Yesterday“

2016 June 30 Past event
6 €

Summer Concert Series
Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall
Event start: 8 pm

“Re: Music That Was Born Yesterday”
Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director Mindaugas Bačkus
Kotryna Janutaitė (voice), Donatas Bielunskis (bass guitar), Giedrius Nakas (keyboards), Augustas Baronas (drums), Leonardas Pilkauskas (saxophone, flute, clarinet)

The project “Re: Music That Was Born Yesterday” was conceived a few years ago by the flock of young jazz musicians, consisting of Leonardas Pilkauskas (saxophone, clarinet, flute), Kotryna Janutaitė (voice), Giedrius Nakas (keyboards), Donatas Bielunskis (bass) and Augustas Baronas (drums). They endeavoured to give a fresh feel to some of the most popular songs written by Lithuanian composers in the last century, such as Elektrėnų žiburiai (Lights of Elektrėnai) by Eduardas Balsys, Žvaigždutė (Little Star) by Balys Dvarionas, Senieji Vilniaus stogai (Old Roofs of Vilnius) by Mikas Vaitkevičius, Gera (It Feels Good) by Mikalojus Novikas, Pamiršk mane (Forget Me) by Igoris Berinas, etc.

The young musicians’ project has instantly drawn enthusiastic responses and now continues to travel around various venues. The project’s performance on June 30th in Klaipėda, however, will be the first of its kind. This time a jazz quintet will share the stage with the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra under the artistic leadership of Mindaugas Bačkus. Songs were specially arranged for this programme to embrace new colours of string instruments. Musicians believe that innovative interpretations of yesteryear popular tunes may bring different generations together, which happens to be perhaps the most enjoyable experience during their appearances.

Mikalojus Novikas, Teisutis Makačinas, Mikas Vaitkevičius, Eduardas Balsys, Benjaminas Gorbulskis, Balys Dvarionas, Algimantas Raudonikis, Igoris Berinas, Laurynas Vakaris Lopas, Laimis Vilkončius, Rimvydas Racevičius, Danielius Dolskis
Evenings of Summer Music
at the Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall

From June 30th through July 28th, 2016, the Klaipėda Concert Hall will host its annual Summer Concert Series at the Park Stage. The roster for this year’s series presents the best of Lithuanian musical talent performing a delectable selection of summertime music – a fresh blend of classical and popular, jazz and world music influences.

Dear citizens and visitors of Klaipėda! Come and join us for nine summer evenings at our backyard park and experience the delight of listening to live music in open air, surrounded by the natural greenery. The nature’s elements – the whispering wind, the cool of summer nights, and gentle susurration of the park – will surely add some extra flavour to the strains of music and give a special ambiance to the summer evenings that you can spend with your family and friends.

Summertime music at the park! Sounds truly tempting and worth listening to!

Available discounts (only for the concerts subject to availability):

  • 50% off for schoolchildren, students, senior citizens and people with disabilities (appropriate cards to be shown);
  • Admission free for persons in wheelchairs (appropriate cards to be shown ) and 50% off for one accompanying person;
  • 20% off for Laisvalaikio Card holders (applicable to 2 tickets);
  • 20% off for Daily Card holders (applicable to 2 tickets);
  • 10% off for group bookings (20 and more tickets for one event).
  • Discounts may not be applied on the day of the performance.
  • Pre-school children are admitted free of charge to the concerts of the summer series.
  • In the event of rain, concerts take place inside the Klaipėda Concert Hall.