Romantic Violin and Jazz

2017 November 9 Past event
1 h
10 €
Event start: 6:30 PM at the Ground Floor Foyer

Džeraldas Bidva (violin)
Jazz Trio: Feliksas Zakrevskis (piano), Donatas Bagurskas (double bass), Darius Rudis (drums)

Programme: Claude Bolling

The programme “Romantic Violin and Jazz” features the Suite for Violin and Jazz Piano Trio by famous French pianist and composer Claude Bolling. This suite from the series of his famous ‘crossover’ collaborations with classical musicians presents a delectable mix of Baroque elegance and modern swing to be delivered by four Lithuanian musicians, including open-minded and versatile violinist Džeraldas Bidva, pianist Feliksas Zakrevskis, double bassist Donatas Bagurskas, and drummer Darius Rudis.

This programme was initiated by Bidva who has been member of the Kremerata Baltica Chamber Orchestra for over 20 years and concertmaster for a decade. Seven years ago he was invited to join the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra where he was appointed concertmaster. He also frequently performs as a soloist and chamber musician.

In his words, “Bolling’s music fascinates me with sensuality and elegance. It also has moments of punchy movement where joyous moods swiftly change into nostalgic, lugubrious passages in the violin part. A suite spiced up with the elements of traditional jazz would please the taste and offer an exquisite entertainment to every music connoisseur.”