Salve Musica Festival 2012

Festival of Christmas Music

5–31 December 2012

As the evenings grow colder and darker, the winter draws closer, bringing along the miraculous season of winter festivals. The Klaipėda Concert Hall organises the annual Salve Musica festival to celebrate the Christmas spirit that endows us with peace and bliss. The art, emanating pure beauty, will once again fill our hearts with joy and hope.
We invite you to celebrate the Christmas season with music!
“Tango Passion and Panache”
In the anticipation of Christmas, let’s begin our festival with a tango tour! The world of tango is much bigger than you might think… The phenomenally gifted Danish accordionist, Bjarke Mogensen, and St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra under its artistic director, Donatas Katkus, will be your guides on this entertaining tour.
Morgensen’s precocious musical talent was recognised as soon as he began playing the instrument. Today he is an accomplished and acclaimed musician. “Once heard, never forgotten,” wrote one of the world’s leading music critics, Norman Lebrecht, about his astonishing performance. We believe that you won’t regret attending this concert and hearing the charismatic musicians, and will return home in tango steps!
“Flight of the Twentieth Anniversary”
This year the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra celebrates its twentieth birthday. On this occasion it presents the anniversary programme which is somewhat special in a few respects.
Over the past decades the orchestra has appeared under the batons of many honourable conductors and alongside many notable soloists. If everybody was invited to this concert, a day would not be enough to put them all together in one programme. For this reason we invited Aleksandar Markovič from Austria to guest conduct the anniversary concert and make his first appearance with the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra‘s long-time friends will make company on stage, including the matchless saxophonist Petras Vyšniauskas, the universal pianist Daumantas Kirilauskas, the enthusiastic accordionist Raimondas Sviackevičius and the Norwegian-born singer Stein Skjervold who spends considerable periods of time in Lithuania. The Orchestra‘s first artistic director, Liuda Kuraitienė, will play solo, as well as it‘s present artistic director, Mindaugas Bačkus. The complex and attractive programme, selected especially for this anniversary, was tailored to show off the Orchestra‘s artistic achievements over the past twenty years, as well as to please the audience with unforgettable performances.
“Voyage to Italy”
The Kremerata Baltica Chamber Orchestra is widely recognised for its artistic excellence. The high artistic quality is the result of its artistic director‘s innovative approach to the choice of repertoire it performs and the exceptional talent of individual musicians. Gidon Kremer has personally handpicked some of the most gifted young instrumentalists, originating from the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to form the Kremerata Baltica. Now it travels the world as a cultural ambassador of the Baltic region, making appearances in the world’s greatest halls and major festivals on its international tours. The Orchestra performs with only the most talented soloists. Young Russian violin virtuoso Sergei Dogadin is one of its peers. Together with the Kremerata Baltica he will render Antonio Vivaldi’s most enduring masterpiece – the series of four violin concerti called The Four Seasons. While listening to this picturesque music, let’s recollect and ruminate over the year that is swiftly passing by.
“Musical Animation”
This family concert offers a meeting with your favourite cartoon characters. The Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, under the magic wand of Modestas Pitrėnas, will tell stories about their funny tricks and adventures.
“Donald Duck—perhaps the most famous duck in the world—tries to escape the great flood. He summons the pairs of all living beings on the earth to the Noah’s Ark and suddenly finds himself in trouble: he lost his beloved Daisy Duck from sight. How this story will end we are going to hear and see in the animation film set to the marches by Edward Elgar. Another famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, also gets into serious trouble as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to the sounds of the eponymous symphonic poem by Paul Dukas (which, in turn, is based on the poem by Johann Wolfgang Goethe), while the mice of the imperial Russia try to spoil all the festivities to the music by Piotr Tchaikovsky. Let the sounds of The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty transport us to the Christmas fairy tale,” says Pitrėnas, kindling our expectations. We wish you an amusing evening with “Musical Animation”!
“Nothing but Piazzolla”
The music of Ástor Piazzolla is both enchanting and plunging into the harrowing depths of bitter passion. The dynamic charge it contains makes one’s heart nearly explode. The voluptuous dance here reveals its bare soul; and then melancholy, sorrow, anxiety, tenderness, love and pain, excitement and solitude shines through the gorgeous garment of broken rhythms, refined melodies and heart-rending harmonies.
The performers in this programme will attempt to convey the transformation of the genre from the wild expression and eroticism of traditional tango to the masterpieces of chamber music. They will search for the specific sound that unlocks the unattended emotional territories. An unsparing passion will pour out in violin melodies, sighs of the accordion and rhythmic sparks of the double bass. The piano and the viola will act as intermediaries between the real and imaginary tango worlds. The velvety voice of Ieva Prudnikovaitė will shine as a lodestar in this emotional profundity.
Christmas and New Year’s Eve concerts of carillon music
The sound of carillon is as characteristic of Klaipėda’s soundscape as the ship sirens and cries of the seagulls. The jingle of carillon will echo above the city throughout Christmas and New Year’s Eve and send out season’s greetings to all the citizens.
Feel the peaceful harmony and the tinkling hope in the resonant toll of the bells!
“Merry Christmas to You”
This programme is mostly dedicated to the sacred music. Mellifluous, spiritual and noble, it will fill the space of the newly opened St. Francis of Assisi Chapel. Sensitive tones will touch the sensitive souls. Let’s greet each other and be joyful!
“Charming Virtuosity”
Sergej Krylov has always captured the audiences with his demonic virtuosity. The critics often note his genuine feeling, amazing technique, creamy sound, and an astonishing musical sense. “Music has no end; there is always something waiting ahead,” he says.
In the words of Egidijus Mikšys, director of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, “his technique, his musicality, his Bachian or Balzacian rationality combine so well to produce an exceptionally tense and powerful musical flow. It leads the listener through the virtuoso passages to the consummate form and profound essence of a musical work.”
This evening promises an exceptional treat to the true connoisseurs of classical music.
“New Year’s Fireworks of Sounds”
This concert offers a fabulous finale of the year, with Merūnas Vitulskis’ vocal pyrotechnics and Maria Fedotova’s crystalline sound of the flute. The Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra will add colours and passion to this sparkling programme. The otherwordly vibrations will evoke the omnipresent feeling of bliss and dissipate any anxious thoughts about the last minutes of the year and festive commotion. The moments of calm being together will fill your hearts with warmth and leave a lasting memory during the coming year 2013.


December in Klaipėda Concert Hall warms the hearts of the audience with concerts of holiday classics festival Salve Musica. They revive the spirits and bring bliss. Carefully selected repertoire of the festival, festive meetings with Lithuanian and foreign professional musicians enrich the Christmas season in Klaipėda. The festival becomes a pleasant gift to the audience.

Tickets to the concerts of the festivals:

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