Salve Musica Festival 2014

Christmas Music Festival
3-31 December 2014

Having seen the autumn off to the airy notes of wind and rain, we can already hear the tinkling melody of icy winter bells approaching from afar. Like nature in its solemn hush of winter, we can take our time to ruminate over the year’s past events and wait hopefully for the miracles of Christmas season. To make the long expectation shorter and the coming celebrations seem even brighter and merrier, we invite you to spend this anticipation period with us and bask in the echoing strains of classical music! Let this year end with the blissful sounds of Christmas music offered to you by the Salve Musica Festival!

Wednesday 3 December, 6 pm
“The Traveller’s Diary”
Celebrating its silver anniversary on the threshold of winter this year, the Jauna Muzika Choir is going to appear with jazz and folk singer Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė and the accompanying instrumental ensemble. The 25th anniversary programme, conducted by the choir’s co-founder and artistic director Vaclovas Augustinas, features songs from different countries and styles, collected like souvenirs by the members of the choir on their concert tours. The geography of these concert itineraries has embraced diverse musical cultures – from Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa to European classical tradition and Western popular and alternative music.
Tuesday 9 December, 6 pm
“Rhapsody in Blue”
The Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra continues to expand the illustrious list of its stage partners, appearing this time alongside two pianists from distant countries – Azerbaijan and the United States. In the first half of the programme they will do honour to the Classics, while the second will be entirely devoted to American music. Rhapsody in Blue for solo piano and jazz band by George Gershwin, one of the most popular American concert works of all time (which incidentally lent its title to this concert), will make a colourful conclusion to this classical-jazz concert with its jazz-influenced melodies and rhythms.
Thursday 11 December, 6 pm
“Musical Summits”
The piano will be brought into the limelight once again at this concert, where it will respond to the passionate performance of the charismatic virtuoso, Alexander Paley. Conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius will likewise demonstrate a masterful command of his orchestra. The ‘musical summit’ of these two virtuosi promises two unforgettable hours of sensual experience, the more so as the programme features two Romantic masters of spellbinding melodic invention, Frédéric Chopin and Sergei Rachmaninov.
Sunday 14 December, 4 pm, at the Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi
Advent Concert
Quiet anticipation and contemplation of the Advent time will soon come into our hearts. At this concert the choir and the organ will address the audience gathered in a sacred space of the chapel and fill the anticipation of the year’s greatest feast with meaning. Advent hymns, performed by the Klaipėda Choir Aukuras, will remind us of hope, joy and the divine light of the Nativity.
Wednesday 17 December, 6 pm
“Christmas Postcard”
“Christmas is a season when we can get warm and share joy with the people close to us,” says Evelina Sašenko who is going to write her Christmas postcards in the most sincere language of music. She thinks a colourful selection of popular Christmas songs should cater to the most diverse tastes. A comforting environment, warm wishes and soft voice of the singer will surely help the audience to get in the Christmas mood.
Thursday 25 December, 4 pm
Wednesday 31 December, 11.30 pm, at the Courtyard of the Klaipėda Clock Museum
Christmas and New Year’s Eve Concerts of Carillon Music
On the Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve the resonant sound of Klaipėda Carillon bells will hover above the city and imbue every listener with its purifying and invigorating energy. While listening to this blissful ringing, we will wish good health, happiness and success to each other for the coming New Year!
Monday 29 December, 6 pm
La Stravaganza: The Enchanting Invention”
On the last days of the year the concert goers in Klaipėda will have one more opportunity to appreciate the performance of violin virtuoso Sergej Krylov and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra under his artistic direction. Antonio Vivaldi’s set of concertos for violin and orchestra “La Stravaganza” will make a special feature of this programme. A spellbinding inventiveness of the composer and stunning virtuosity of the soloist is likely to leave the audience wanting for more. Ant what’s more, the programme will continue with the music inspired by the fjords and films.
Wednesday 31 December, 6 pm
“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”
The holiday season between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is really the most wonderful time of the year! Our smiles, looks and music will assure you of that during this festive concert.
In the New Year’s Eve Concert the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra will team up with young and gifted musicians, with whom it has already appeared at some important European venues. Italian cellist Miriam Prandi has recently won first prize at the 2014 Rahn Musikpreis in Zurich. Besides playing the cello, she is also an accomplished pianist whose superb mastery has been recognised with several top awards in piano competitions. Percussion virtuoso Heigo Rosin is one of the most popular young performers in Estonia. Last year he came second in the Estonian TV competition “Klassikatähed” (Classical Stars). The programme of the first half of the concert presents an exquisite classical treat that’s perfectly balanced for both gourmand’s and everyman’s tastes.
After an interval, the audience will be offered a colourful and ebullient cocktail of popular numbers from the musicals and songs to be mixed live by the Orchestra and the Aukuras Choir under the histrionic baton of American singer and choral conductor Ira Spaulding. Many of us perhaps remember his earlier appearances in Klaipėda together with the choir or most recently as Porgy in the concert production of Gershwin’s opera on the stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall half a year ago.
Let “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” be your merry and joyful prelude to the coming New Year! Let it be the most wonderful year of your life!


December in Klaipėda Concert Hall warms the hearts of the audience with concerts of holiday classics festival Salve Musica. They revive the spirits and bring bliss. Carefully selected repertoire of the festival, festive meetings with Lithuanian and foreign professional musicians enrich the Christmas season in Klaipėda. The festival becomes a pleasant gift to the audience.

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