Salve Musica Festival 2015

Blazing music that radiates light and warmth
1–31 December 2015

The Salve Musica Festival will soon fill the Klaipėda Concert Hall with the joyous strains of Christmas music. Running for whole month, from December the 1st through the New Year’s Eve, the festival offers eleven events that will bring peace and bliss to your hearts, remind of the passage of time, and inspire a desire for true values. We invite you to spend the most beautiful season together and celebrate Christmas with music!

Tuesday 1 December, 6 pm
“Hi winter, hi Haydn!”
The Salve Musica Festival salutes its audiences with the buoyant “Hi winter, hi Haydn!” – a programme of old and new music presented by the Kaskados Piano Trio (Albina Šikšniūtė, Rusnė Mataitytė, and Edmundas Kulikauskas).
The trio’s violinist, Rusnė Mataitytė, asserts: “Haydn’s personality and work played an exceptional and, in a way, even revolutionary role in history, which is somewhat rarely remembered nowadays. String quartets and piano trios were a kind of his experimental laboratory where he developed and tested his most forward-looking creative ideas. Haydn’s music radiates an incredible amount of energy and exuberant vitality, humour and elegance, which yielded inspiration for a number of new pieces by Lithuanian composers who share a penchant for neo-Classical or minimal style and an ability to engage in intimate communication with the audience. A mix of something old and something new promises an exhilarating and enjoyable experience, also symbolizing the unbroken thread of European cultural heritage that has wound its way through the centuries up to this day.”
Friday 4 December, 6 pm
“Beauty Slowed Down”
It is so common nowadays to be in a constant hurry, bustling and running around… But rarely do we find a moment to stop, halt for a while, and listen… This is just what members of the Lithuanian Trio – violinist Vilhelmas Čepinskis, cellist Vytautas Sondeckis and pianist Petras Geniušas – are up to, beckoning to slow down the rush of everyday life and discover the undisturbed beauty of harmonious chords.
After its debut in 2013, the Lithuanian Trio continues to perform actively all across the country and currently launches its debut album “Slow Motion”.
“In the Lithuanian Trio we all have a possibility to play what moves us deeply and what we personally wish to perform some day. Many musicians would consider this as luxury. With our first album we had no aim to search for the forgotten or still undiscovered. Instead, we aimed to reveal infinite horizons in the interpretation of classical music and introduce the listeners to the most beautiful music written for piano trio in literature,” says Vytautas Sondeckis.
Wednesday 9 December, 6 pm
“The Cosmic Ocean”
This year the Salve Musica Festival is privileged to present NI&Co (New Ideas Chamber Orchestra) – a fabulous group of seven young string players from Vilnius under the artistic direction of composer and conductor Gediminas Gelgotas. The ensemble is distinguished for performing progressive classical music by heart and integrating supreme technical mastery with minimal stage effects, lighting and movement. NI&Co’s exceptional concept of performance is based on the blend of classical musicianship and powerful stage presence more characteristic of pop-rock music culture.
A programme titled after the piece by Gediminas Gelgotas, The Cosmic Ocean, also features the modern reworking of Antonio Vivaldi’s Le quattro stagioni by Max Richter and pieces by Arvo Pärt. Gelgotas is said to possess “a very unique and compelling compositional voice” (Terry Riley) that has embraced a variety of modern stylistic influences, from the 20th century avant-garde to the latter-day popular subcultures, but always with a strong flavour of (post)minimalist aesthetic.
At this concert NI&Co will team up with pianist Aretas Botyrius who is currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London.
Tuesday 15 December, 6 pm
“Complete Waltzes by Frédéric Chopin”
Pianist Gintaras Januševičius, who currently resides in Hannover, is not only active as a soloist and recitalist, but also as a concert producer, juror at the piano competitions, and faculty member at the master classes in various countries. This ebullient performer is never short of ideas and energy to achieve his ends.
“As the New Year celebrations approach, it occurred to me to devise a special programme that would evoke my childhood memories of winter festivals when I used to listen to the broadcasts of the New Year’s Concerts from the Vienna Philharmonic. Since the arrangements of Strauss’s waltzes for piano cannot make up for the brilliance and richness of the orchestral sound, I opted for the piano pieces, scintillating with positive energy, festive mood and boundless virtuosity. In this programme I am going to perform all nineteen waltzes by Chopin, which have been discovered to date.”
Friday 18 December, 6 pm
Family concert “Winter Tale”
Have you ever seen an animated television special titled The Snowman? Do you recall that wonderful music which accompanied the film? This family concert offers to watch The Snowman on big screen, accompanied by the live performance of Howard Blake’s music by the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Mindaugas Piečaitis who happens to be the initiator of this event.
Speaking about the choice of subject, Piečaitis argues that “this British television special for children, regardless of its picturesque and fetching storyline full of unexpected twists and, has an important emotional sideline. Besides the general playfulness and kind humour, with which the story is told in moving pictures, it raises some important questions about the meaning of friendship, love and loss. It happens so often that we appreciate things we had only after they had been lost. Children can easily visualize things and events in their minds, without making any distinction between fantasy and reality. It is exactly what the message of this story is about: that there is no essential difference between what is real and imaginary, between a dream and an actual thing. This makes a perfect Christmas tale for both children and adults.”
Monday 21 December, 6 pm
“Northern Lights in Music”
Young Lithuanian-born conductor Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla will make her return appearance to Klaipėda at the helm of the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. In recent years she has gained a solid following through a number of international successes. For the few past years she has made an electrifying presence in Los Angeles, first as a Dudamel Fellow and assistant conductor with the Los Angeles Philharmonic (2012/2013) and now being promoted to the new post of Associate Conductor as of July 2016. She was also recently appointed Music Director of the Salzburg Landestheater with the start of the 2015/2016 season.
“Everyone who chose music as his or her vocation – be it by personal decision or inured to it by one’s parents – and remained on this path, did so because of attraction to some kind of fire, sparkle, glowing from within. We all gather to share that glow,” said Mirga in one of her interviews, after having ignited the Los Angeles Philharmonic, according to the reviews.
The soloing violinist, Justina Auškelytė, is currently studying at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York.
“Northern Lights in Music” programme was conceived to celebrate the 150th birthday of Jean Sibelius, the best-known Finnish composer of all time.
Friday 25 December, 4 pm and Thursday 31 December, 11.30 pm
Christmas and New Year’s Eve Concerts of Klaipėda Carillon
On the Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve the resonant sound of Klaipėda Carillon bells will hover above the city and imbue every listener with its purifying and invigorating energy. While listening to this blissful ringing, we will wish good health, happiness and success to each other for the whole coming New Year!
Saturday 26 December, 6 pm, at the Chapel of Saint Francis of Assisi
“Christmas Oratorio”
Christmas Oratorio by Camille Saint-Saëns in the performance of the Klaipėda Choir Aukuras and soloists, conducted by the choir’s artistic director Alfonsas Vildžiūnas, will imbue the listeners’ hearts with solemn and sacred sounds. Mellifluous, majestic music and the organ, awakened in the hands of Vilimas Norkūnas, will fill the space of the Chapel of Saint Francis of Assisi and congratulate us with the coming of Christmas!
Monday 28 December, 6 pm
“The Orchestra of Voices”
“The Orchestra of Voices”is a programme of a cappella music presented by the Estonian Voices, featuring original pieces by the ensemble members, arrangements of Estonian folk songs, a selection of Christmas hymns and popular hits.
The ensemble’s repertoire embraces jazz, folk and pop influenced music. The Estonian Voices came together five years ago for Christmas Jazz Festival and started out with the Tallinn Capital of Culture 2011 in cooperation with the Estonian Jazz Union and Jazzkaar Festival. Since then the group of six professional singers, consisting mainly of the present students and alumni of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, has given many concerts in Estonia and elsewhere. This year it garnered the Best Jazz Album in Estonia.
Tuesday 29 December, 6 pm
“Brilliant, masterly, charming”
Before the year comes to its end our audience in Klaipėda will have yet another possibility to relish the performance of the virtuoso violinist Sergej Krylov and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra under his direction. His temperamental playing and the harmonious sound of the orchestra will lend many memorable moments to the listeners. The sublime beauty of classical music will resuscitate our souls and illuminate our thoughts. The programme will glisten with the gems of Baroque music and Classicism, blaze with the Spanish passions. This is going to be truly brilliant, masterly and charming!
Thursday 31 December, 6 pm
“New Year Wishes from Europe”
On the New Year’s Eve the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra offers the “New Year Wishes from Europe”, with which it bids farewell the year 2015 and sees in the year 2016. In the words of the Orchestra’s artistic director, Mindaugas Bačkus: “this programme is cast in the mould of the best European traditions of New Year’s concerts.” Greatest masterpieces in the hands of the accomplished performers, the feeling of festive elation and astonishment at seeing a magician alongside the orchestra – all these details will make for a truly exceptional finale of the year. To contrive these magic tricks on stage the orchestra musicians will be helped out by a team of Swiss artists: conductor Christian Knüsel, pianist Beatrice Berrut, and magician Lorenz Schär.
We wish you all peace, health and happiness in 2016! Let there be always blazing music that gives light and warmth to us all!
9 December “The Cosmic Ocean”

18 December “Winter Tale”

21 December “Northern Lights in Music”

26 December “Christmas Oratorio”

28 December “The Orchestra of Voices”

31 December “New Year Wishes from Europe”



December in Klaipėda Concert Hall warms the hearts of the audience with concerts of holiday classics festival Salve Musica. They revive the spirits and bring bliss. Carefully selected repertoire of the festival, festive meetings with Lithuanian and foreign professional musicians enrich the Christmas season in Klaipėda. The festival becomes a pleasant gift to the audience.

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