“Glass Harp Afloat in Midair”

2016 December 29 Past event
1 h. 40 min.
14 €, 18 €

Event start:
6:30 pm

St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra of Vilnius Municipality
Artistic Director and Conductor Donatas Katkus
Glass Duo:
Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec (glass harp, Poland)

Programme: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonín Dvořak, Piotr Tchaikovsky, a. o.

Many of us live in the anticipation of a miracle to occur on the New Year’s Eve. Members of the GlassDuo, playing the unique instrument, and St. Christopher’s Chamber Orchestra under the artistic leadership of Prof. Donatas Katkus, invite you to experience this miracle together!
You may wonder why there are so many wine glasses lined up next to the string orchestra: these are not meant for drinking champagne but rather for relishing effervescent musical masterpieces of all times. This instrument is called the ‘glass harp’ or ‘angelic organ.’ Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec from Poland, a professional violinist and a trumpeter, have mastered this instrument and founded the GlassDuo to pursue their own idea of performing. Being charmed by the sound of musical glasses, they abandoned their careers in the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra in Gdansk. Having developed an individual performance technique and built an extensive repertoire of arrangements and original pieces, the duo makes appearances around the world, astounding their audiences with subtle and sophisticated sound of the glass harp. Many of those who have experienced their performances describe it as “walking on clouds” or “music coming from dreams.” We believe that this concert will transport you to the world of otherworldly sounds.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonín Dvořak, Piotr Tchaikovsky, Sting, Arkadiusz Szafraniec a. o.

Soon we will tear the last leaf off a calendar of the year 2016. The Salve Musica Festival will soon fill the Klaipėda Concert Hall with the glorious strains of Christmas music. Running for whole month, from December the 1st through the New Year’s Eve, the festival offers thirteen events that will bring peace and bliss to your hearts, remind of the passage of time, and inspire a desire for true values. We invite you to spend the most beautiful season together and celebrate Christmas with music!