The Waltz Suite

2017 December 19 Past event
1 h 30 min
10.00 - 14.00 €
Srtart of the event: 6.30 PM

Alexander Paley (piano, USA)

Program: Jean-Philippe Rameu, Franz Schubert

Cold evening of December filles up with the wonderful music. Everything around looks so fragile, but eternal: the frost, stars, perfect sound... It is the distant – close music both as one. It is the new and old meetings with piano virtuoso Alexander Paley.

More than thirty times performances of this pianist charmed and fascinated the citizens of Klaipėda, inspiring to think about artist's passion for music, especially for the piano. “For me, touching the keybord is the sweetest thing in life”, – says internationally recognized performer, every year willingly coming to Klaipėda. Paley constantly travels from home in New York to Paris as well as  different concert halls in Europe, North and South America. His repertoire includes more than fifty concerts for piano and orchestra, several hundred solo and chamber music pieces. Charismatic pianist, spectacular Jean-Philippe Rameau and romantic Franz Schubert – tremendously gourmet meal for the melomanes!