Summer Concert Series 2015

Summer Concert Series @ Park Stage
of the Klaipėda Concert Hall
26 June–30 July 2015

From June 26th through July 30th we invite the citizens and visitors of Klaipėda to the events of our Summer Concert Series at the Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall. Come and join us for six summer evenings at our backyard park and experience the delight of listening to live music in open air, surrounded by the natural greenery. The nature’s elements – the whispering wind, the cool of summer nights and gentle susurration of the park – will add some extra flavour to a delectable blend of classical and jazz music, as well as special ambiance to the summer evenings that you can spend with your family and friends.

Friday 26 June, 8 pm
“Sounds Familiar...”
This concert features well-known popular music performed in a somewhat different key, arranged for string and percussion instruments. But still, in the rendering of the Musica Libera String Quartet and T&K Cello Duo, it sounds so familiar…
Musica Libera is the ensemble composed of four professional musicians who venture to cross the divide between classical and popular music. With creative and flexible approach towards their repertoire, the Quartet performs stylistically diverse music, ranging from Bach to the greatest hits of the 20th and 21st centuries.
The emergence of the T&K Duo was inspired by the passion for string music and the desire to discover still unheard-of possibilities of the cello, to affect the listener’s mind, feelings and emotions. “We mainly focus on experimental music produced by currently popular groups and try to render those pieces for cello,” said members of the duo.
Friday 3 July, 8 pm
“The Lithuanian Seasons”
Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė composed her cantata The Seasons for the 40th anniversary of the Šiauliai State Chamber Choir Polifonija, which was officially celebrated last year. Tomas Ambrozaitis, the Choir’s artistic director and chief conductor, pointed out that “this piece has a highly symbolical meaning because it sums up the four decades of the choir’s existence and at the same time suggests that another year has turned its circle.”
According to the composer, “the cantata reflects on human life throughout the year: festivals, daily routines, and feelings.” The work is set to the texts from the Bible and Lithuanian folklore and displays a variety of styles, freely blending folklore and liturgy, pagan and Christian world perception. In the performance of this cantata the Choir will join the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, under the artistic leadership of Mindaugas Bačkus.
Friday 10 July, 8 pm
Cabaret may be understood as a style of communication between the artist and the audience where satire and grotesque are often employed to convey the fundamental truths of our being. It may also refer to a musical style akin to street music where blithesome atmosphere often has a nostalgic undertone, like a budding love story in the street; or to a place where people drop their everyday masks, put on smiles and makeup, and gather to quench their thirst for out-of-the-ordinary experiences and entertainment.
The Disobedient Ensemble wades into the unpredictable world of cabaret by putting up a programme of ‘cabaret’ songs by William Bolcom, Kurt Weill, and Charlie Chaplin, combined with the popular songs and instrumental pieces by Lithuanian composers including Osvaldas Balakauskas, Mikalojus Novikas, Feliksas Bajoras and Vidmantas Bartulis.
Friday 17 July, 8 pm
“Summer with Jurga”
Halfway through the summer we invite you to relish the finest musical blend of two personalities –singer-songwriter Jurga Šeduikytė and pianist Giedrius Nakas. The voice of this multi-talented singer and actress is well known to those listeners who appreciate subtle, unique harmonies and sumptuous music making. She promises to make her audiences in Klaipėda wonder at the new sound, colours and modes, heightened intimacy and chamber character in her songs. The programme of this concert will also feature several new songs from her forthcoming album to be released later this year in autumn.
Jurga will share the stage with the pianist of the younger generation, Giedrius Nakas, whose work as a pianist and composer fuses diverse influences coming from classical, jazz and popular music worlds.
Wednesday 22 July, 8 pm
“Heroic Songs”
Every nation and epoch has its own heroes. Characters and deeds of these outstanding personalities have been eulogised in countless folk tales and songs, large-scale musical and dramatic works, films and paintings.
Liudas Mikalauskas continues to draw the accolades from the public primarily because of his sincere interpretations, engaging stage presence and beautiful voice. He often programs Lithuanian songs in his concerts and performs pieces by Lithuanian composers in popular shows. By showing respect and faithfulness to his own nation, he may be also seen as a local hero of sorts.
Lithuanian music will likewise abound in the programme presented by Liudas Mikalauskas together with the Klaipėda Brass Quintet, with only one short diversion to the balmy whiffs of Italian music. Let this summer evening with the “Heroic Songs” inspire your everyday feats!
Thursday 30 July, 8 pm
“Song is the Language of the Heart”
We invite you to spend the last evening of July singing and crooning together with the Aukuras Choir and its leader Alfonsas Vildžiūnas. The programme titled “Song is the Language of the Heart” will feature well-known songs by Lithuanian composers and songwriters, as famous as Vytautas Kernagisand his song Baltas paukštis (White Bird) or Gintautas Abarius and his song Širdžių kalba (Language of the Hearts), along with the choral arrangements of Lithuanian folk songs. Although both mentioned composers already watch us from above, their artistic legacy lives on, uniting and inspiring us all. From heart to heart, by word of mouth, folk songs were passed on in ancient times; this method seems to be effective up till this day. The closing event of the Summer Concert Series offers an excellent occasion to remind ourselves of the most beautiful Lithuanian songs and become reunited through singing.
In the event of rain, concerts will take place at the Klaipėda Concert Hall. We wish you memorable summer evenings in the harbour of music and nature!

26 June “Sounds Familiar...”

3 July “The Lithuanian Seasons”

10 July “Cabaret”

17 July “Summer with Jurga”

22 July “Heroic Songs”