Summer Concert Series 2016

Summer Concert Series @ Park Stage

of the Klaipėda Concert Hall

30 June – 28 July 2016

From June 30th through July 28th, 2016, the Klaipėda Concert Hall will host its annual Summer Concert Series at the Park Stage. The roster for this year’s series presents the best of Lithuanian musical talent performing a delectable selection of summertime music – a fresh blend of classical and popular, jazz and world music influences.
Dear citizens and visitors of Klaipėda! Come and join us for nine summer evenings at our backyard park and experience the delight of listening to live music in open air, surrounded by the natural greenery. The nature’s elements – the whispering wind, the cool of summer nights, and gentle susurration of the park – will surely add some extra flavour to the strains of music and give a special ambiance to the summer evenings that you can spend with your family and friends.
Summertime music at the park? Sounds truly tempting and worth listening to!
Thursday 30 June, 8 pm
The project “Re: Music That Was Born Yesterday” was conceived a few years ago by the flock of young jazz musicians, consisting of Leonardas Pilkauskas (saxophone, clarinet, flute), Kotryna Janutaitė (voice), Giedrius Nakas (keyboards), Donatas Bielunskis (bass) and Augustas Baronas (drums). They endeavoured to give a fresh feel to some of the most popular songs written by Lithuanian composers in the last century, such as Elektrėnų žiburiai (Lights of Elektrėnai) by Eduardas Balsys, Žvaigždutė (Little Star) by Balys Dvarionas, Senieji Vilniaus stogai (Old Roofs of Vilnius) by Mikas Vaitkevičius, Gera (It Feels Good) by Mikalojus Novikas, Pamiršk mane (Forget Me) by Igoris Berinas, etc.
The young musicians’ project has instantly drawn enthusiastic responses and now continues to travel around various venues. The project’s performance on June 30th in Klaipėda, however, will be the first of its kind. This time a jazz quintet will share the stage with the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra under the artistic leadership of Mindaugas Bačkus. Songs were specially arranged for this programme to embrace new colours of string instruments. Musicians believe that innovative interpretations of yesteryear popular tunes may bring different generations together, which happens to be perhaps the most enjoyable experience during their appearances.
Tuesday 5 July, 8 pm
Esatis is the name of the Lithuanian neofolk band, which refers to musical action that is taking place ‘here and now’ and characterizes the synthesis of ancient Lithuanian ethnic traditions and contemporary electronic, experimental and dark ambient music – all embraced in the present-day perception of the world. The band emerged last year in Klaipėda, initially formed by Donatas Bielkauskas (aka Donis), who is well-known in Lithuania as a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer of experimental ethnotronica albums, and percussionist Viktoras Rubežas. Later on they were joined by singer Elena Trečiokaitė, guitarist Mantas Remesa and bassist Paulius Stonkus. What lies at the heart of their work is music that dwells within every one of us, inspired by the beauty of the country’s nature and folklore – fairy tales and legends, odours and colours. “We are interested in looking for our ‘own’ style; the one, in which we set all the rules. All other audible influences in our compositions are just the elements of musical language and experiences drawn from our daily lives,” band members revealed. “The influence of world music is perhaps most apparent in percussion rhythms and emotional purport of our music. Even though all verses of our songs have been found in Lithuanian folk songs, with only very slight alterations, individual melodies and their interlacing sometimes sound rather close to traditional music of the Eastern countries. What we are trying to achieve is not the linkage of cultural differences but the harmony between similar cultures.”
Friday 8 July, 8 pm
“If You Feel Like Singing” is the programme of songs that the organizers of the Summer Series suggest you to sing along with the Klaipėda Choir Aukuras under the leadership of Alfonsas Vildžiūnas. The choir has long been winning the public’s accolades for its artistic flair and democratic repertoire.
This particular programme features some of the best known and most popular songs by Lithuanian and foreign composers, including the ones whose patriotic tone make our hearts beat in unison, such as Lietuva (Lithuania) by Kipras Mašanauskas, Dėl tos dainos (For that Song) by Laimis Vilkončius, and Tėvynei giedu naują giesmę (I Sing a New Song for Homeland) by Vaclovas Augustinas. The holidaymakers should be also pleased to hear the heart-warming international hits, like What a Wonderful World and La Vie en rose from the film of the same name.
This evening promises a delightful opportunity to remember and sing some of the most beautiful popular tunes all together.
Wednesday 13 July, 8 pm
Have you ever dreamt about visiting Paris? Or maybe you have already been there and are still haunted by the memories of some little cosy café? If your answer is positive, then the concert titled “Café de Paris” is just meant for you!
The Belgian-Lithuanian guitarist, composer and singer Chris Ruebens and his ensemble have prepared a programme of originally arranged French chansons and popular songs, in which emotional fireworks come wrapped in subtle elegance. Mesmerized by the sound of French songs, you may find yourself mentally transported to the street-side café in Paris, or feel like strolling along the city’s charming streets where many famous artists of the past and present found a propitious environment to fulfil their most adventurous ideas and inspiration for their work.
Thanks to the Chris Ruebens Ensemble the sound of the French language and music will evoke the image of Paris that every person carries in his or her heart. Have you been there? Wasn’t it just moment in a fleeting dream?...
Friday 15 July, 8 pm
The very middle of calendar summer will be marked with the concert titled “Jazz under the Linden Trees.” Listeners seated in the shade of the linden trees will have an opportunity to bask in the cool flow of jazz standards performed by Dominykas Vyšniauskas (trumpet) and the Jazz Classic Trio LT. The trio is led by percussionist Saulius Astrauskas who has recently released the first CD of works for percussion instruments by Lithuanian composers.
Having embarked on his solo career rather early in his life, Dominykas Vyšniauskas has appeared at every jazz festival and venue in Lithuania, performed at major jazz festivals abroad and taken part in many international collaborations. As a sideman he has notably performed alongside his father, famous Lithuanian saxophonist Petras Vyšniauskas, and many other internationally acclaimed Lithuanian and foreign jazz musicians. Having graduated from the Stasys Šimkus Conservatory in Klaipėda and the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius, he pursued post-graduate studies at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam, Hochschulle für Musik und Theater “Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy” in Leipzig and the Purchase College of the State University of New York. The repertoire of this young talented musician includes jazz standards, his own compositions, and trumpet solo parts in contemporary classical works.
Wednesday 20 July, 8 pm
Multi-instrumentalist Saulius Petreikis, his brother guitarist Donatas Petreikis, violinist Vytautas Mikeliūnas and bassist Andrius Daugirdas invite you to the isle of calm music at a concert titled “Quietude.” The concert was named after a CD that appeared recently in the catalogue of Saulės Muzika label. Recalling the process of work on his previous album “Lowlands”, Petreikis noted that compositions included in this album had a somewhat bewildering effect on his fans because of their complexity and ambitiousness, while “Tyka” (Quietude) is just what they had expected for several years. The music included in this new album is very light, upbeat, flashing with the bright colours of world music.
Saulius Petreikis was educated as a classical trumpeter at the Stasys Šimkus Conservatory in Klaipėda and the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius. A performer with creative ambition, he explores the ways to innovate authentic Lithuanian musical heritage and delves into ethnic music of various nations. He is also a keen collector of musical instruments from around the globe, which he uses in his performances. His music making is marked with a surprising combination of irrepressible playfulness and deep sincerity, spontaneous expression and a tendency towards synthesis of different styles and musical cultures. He is a tireless explorer of new sounds, which he discovers through continuous experimentation and improvisation. It is this particular quality that turns his concerts into a totally unpredictable experience.
Friday 22 July, 8 pm
“Rhythm is a powerful medium that can overwhelm and capture for quite a long time,” says pianist Guoda Gedvilaitė. Last year she met percussionist Pavelas Giunteris in one project presented at the Gaida Contemporary Music Festival in Vilnius. Music brought them together, but they finally became united in love for rhythm. Gedvilaitė is distinguished from other classical pianists for her original and daring ideas about how classical music might be presented in unconventional formats. In her appearances, she often shares the stage not only with the celebrated classical performers but also with actors, ballet dancers and jazz musicians. Having mastered diverse styles of classical, modern, jazz and world music, Giunteris continues to give exhilarating performances that infect both his fellow musicians and the audience with a passion for music.
For the Summer Series Guoda and Pavelas prepare a mysterious and spellbinding show, bursting with rhythms, energy, lights, movement and unforgettable melodies. If you have a taste for Argentine tango, American jazz, Spanish temperament and Brazilian samba, it is a programme for you! Summer, Music, Rhythm!
Wednesday 27 July, 8 pm
“Gifted and ambitious singers from Klaipėda” is a description that is often applied to the vocal group Cappella‘A. The audiences admire their singing both a cappella and with instrumental accompaniment. The quartet has garnered several prizes at international competitions and appeared at various jazz festivals in Lithuania.
At the park stage the Cappella‘A vocal group presents the concert programme “Lithuanian Retro”, in which the singers are assisted by saxophonist Laimonas Urbikas and drummer Ąžuolas Paulauskas. This programme features well-known songs by Lithuanian composers, which our parents and grandparents used to sing years ago. It was prepared especially for the 10th North American Lithuanian Song Festival that took place last summer in Chicago. Skinsiu raudoną rožę (I Will Pick the Red Rose) by Algimantas Raudonikis, Saulėlydis tėviškėje (The Sunset at Home) by Benjaminas Gorbulskis, Žalioj stotelėje (At the Green Stop) by Mikalojus Novikas, Viešpaties lelija (Lord’s Lily) by Gintarė Jautakaitė make only a handful of songs from this rich retro programme that is designed to transport the listener back in time. A little bit of jazz and a little bit of Latin rhythms, wonderful voices and Lithuanian oldies on a summer evening will leave you with pleasant memories.
Thursday 28 July, 8 pm
The Summer Series will close with the largest project in terms of performers. The composition by Gediminas Gelgotas, which builds a bridge between contemporary musical cultures of Lithuania and Iceland, will be performed by the New Ideas Chamber Orchestra (NI&Co) and the Kintai Festival International Youth Orchestra under the composer’s direction. Another guest conductor in the programme is Martynas Stakionis who is currently lauded as the young talent of the baton.
Minimalist music of Gediminas Gelgotas reaches beyond the conventional genre definitions. It is often distinguished for unusual formats of presentation, embracing diverse stylistic influences from the 20th-century avant-garde to the youth sub-cultures of our time. NI&Co’s exceptional concept of performance is based on the blend of classical musicianship, minimal visual effects and powerful stage presence more characteristic of pop-rock music culture. A perfect cocktail for holding the audience breathless.
You are most welcome at this concert, especially since the admission is free of charge. The event is sponsored through the European Economic Area Grants scheme.
In the event of rain, concerts will take place at the Klaipėda Concert Hall. We invite you to spend summer with music!

30 June “Re: Music That Was Born Yesterday”

20 July “Quietude”

27 July “Lithuanian Retro”


Summer concerts in the park stage of Klaipėda Concert Hall bring a pleasure of music under the sky in the arms of the blooming nature. The harmony of classical music created by professional artists is spiced up with the elements of nature – wind, fresh summer evenings, and the sounds of the park. It makes a beautiful experience for the audience.

Tickets to the summer concerts:
You can buy tickets at the ticket office (Šaulių St. 36, Klaipėda, P.: +370 46 410 566) or online www.bilietai.lt.
For more information, please visit: www.koncertusale.lt.

Summer concerts repertoire:
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