Summer Concert Series 2017

Summer Concert Series
at the Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall
28 June – 26 July 2017

Inviting summer nights with music at the Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall

Delightful summer nights with music will surely inveigle you into attending the Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall from June 28th to July 26th, 2017. The Summer Concert Series to be held in this fresh and shaded setting will be refreshing like the whiff of sea wind and gentle like the touch of a grass straw. The roster for this year’s series presents the best of Lithuanian and foreign musical talent, performing a delectable selection of summertime music – an exquisite blend of classical and popular, jazz and world music influences.

Dear citizens and visitors of Klaipėda! Come and join us for nine summer evenings at our backyard park and experience the delight of listening to live music in open air, surrounded by the natural greenery. The nature’s elements – the whispering wind, the cool of summer nights, and gentle susurration of the park – will surely add some extra flavour to the strains of music and give a special ambiance to the summer evenings that you can spend with your family and friends.

Summertime music at the park? Sounds truly tempting and worth listening to!

Wednesday 28 June, 8 pm
“Clarinet in Love”

“Clarinet in Love” is the title of the programme, in which two performers are engaged in a continuous conversation consisting of electrifying divulgences and soft invocations of the clarinet answered with vehement responses from the piano.
In October 2010 Macdara Ó Seireadáin was unanimously awarded first prize in the inaugural Irish Freemasons Young Musician of the Year competition. As a keen chamber musician he has performed alongside pianist Barry Douglas, composers Dario Marianelli and Michel Legrand during their recording sessions. He frequently performs as an orchestral musician with various European orchestras and was appointed principal clarinet of the Tiroler Festspiel Erl, Austria, from 2013 to 2015.
Gintaras Januševičius rose to fame in 2004, becoming the youngest semi-finalist of the Montreal International Music Competition. After making his orchestral debut at the age of fifteen, he ever since has collaborated with more than 30 orchestras and performed extensively as recitalist and chamber musician across Lithuania and Germany, making recent appearances in New York, Washington, Hamamatsu, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Shenzhen, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Vienna, Barcelona, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Budapest, Dublin, Zurich, and Chişinău. This year he founded the Klaipėda Piano Masters Summer Academy that will be held for the first time in July 2017.
Love is the eternal theme that runs through all the works to be performed in this programme. Wonderful duos of the clarinet and the piano will be heard in the works full of passions and tragic collisions, which the performers will portray in subtle hues of human feelings.

Friday 30 June, 8 pm
“Accordion Passages”

The concert “Accordion Passages” presented by the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra under the artistic leadership of Mindaugas Bačkus introduces accordionist Laimondas Salijus, one of the most prominent young accordion players in Lithuania. He currently makes regular appearances in Lithuania and elsewhere as soloists and member of chamber ensembles. As the multiple prize winner at various national and international competitions, he won second place in the 2014 World Accordion Championship in Salzburg, Austria, and third prize in the 2012 World Trophy Accordion Championships in Spokane, Washington, U. S. A. His repertoire embraces various styles and periods of music, from the transcriptions of Baroque music to contemporary works for accordion.
This current programme with the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra will be conducted by Robertas Šervenikas, a recipient of the Lithuanian National Arts and Culture Prize and frequent collaborator with the orchestra. His active career as a conductor covers the fields of opera and ballet where he is often involved in productions as music director. He is also frequently invited to conduct symphony and chamber orchestras in Lithuania and abroad.


Wednesday 5 July, 8 pm
“Summer Nights”

At this concert we will get introduced to the singer “of great imagination and infinite variety” (James Sohre, Opera Today) – Croatian mezzo-soprano Dubravka Šeparović-Mušović. Born in Dubrovnik, she graduated in architecture from the University of Zagreb, after which she completed her vocal studies at the Zagreb Academy of Music, where she also earned her master's degree in opera and oratorio. She earned many prestigious awards for her roles performed at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, the State Theatre in Saarbrücken and elsewhere. After making her successful opera début as Carmen at the Prague State Opera in 2000, she was offered her first permanent engagement by the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. She is also frequently seen perform large-scale concert works.
In this programme, she will be accompanied by pianist Rūta Mikelaitytė-Kašubienė who dedicates much of her time to promote chamber music for voice and piano and modern works. Extensive tours have taken her from Irkutsk through Moscow, Kaliningrad, Riga, Tallinn, Oslo, Copenhagen and London to the major venues in Berlin, Munich, Bonn and Vienna. She has also visited the United States twice with appearances in different venues.


Wednesday 12 July, 8 pm
“Jazz Under the Linden Threes 2”

The cultural summer calendar in Klaipėda abounds in jazz music events. The Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall is one of such places where the liberal spirit of jazz music dwells on summer nights. It has already become a tradition to listen to “Jazz Under the Linden Trees” in mid-July. This year’s Summer Concert Series offers more than one programme devoted to jazz music. The first will be presented by the Klaipėda Choir “Aukuras,” conducted by its leader Alfonsas Vildžiūnas, and well-known jazz musicians from Klaipėda, including Saulius Šiaučiulis (keyboards), Laimonas Urbikas (saxophone), Paulius Stonkus (bass guitar), and Edmundas Federavičius (drums). Their masterful improvisations will accompany the choral singing and fill the park space with exhilarating sounds.

Friday 14 July, 8 pm
“Heaven Endowed You with Eminence”

Mellifluous, beautiful and emotional are the words that best describe the programme “Heaven Endowed You with Eminence” presented by the Klaipėda Brass Quintet. It was named after the romantic song by Kipras Mašanauskas from his musical “The Legend of Sigismund Augustus and Barbara Radziwiłł” to be included in the programme initiated by the Quintet’s artistic leader, Sigitas Petrulis. This and other vocal pieces were entrusted to young soloist Beata Ignatavičiūtė. In her opinion, “the more versatile is the singer, the more colourful he or she becomes. The works that I sing are very different in terms of genre and execution.”
Another soloist to join in the programme is Danielius Praspaliauskis who has not been heard in Klaipėda for quite a long time. An outstanding saxophone improviser and composer, he is proficient in many styles from traditional to acid jazz to contemporary art music and works by Lithuanian composers. He will team up with drummer Edmundas Federavičius and pianist Mindaugas Putna.

Thursday 20 July, 8 pm
“Undiscovered Spain”

Spain as a country cannot be imagined without the profound influence of flamenco. Only this time the Jacaras Early Music Ensemble will demonstrate a different side of this glamorous art-form in the programme “Undiscovered Spain.”
The ingenious team, consisting of five guitarists from Wrocław, Poland, and a charismatic Mexican-born singer, Julieta González de Springer, will introduce us to the Spanish baroque dances from the 17th and 18th centuries. According to the Ensemble’s artistic director, Piotr Zaleski, some of the dances like tarantella, fandango, or folia played an important role in the history of music and are still known today. Among diverse guitars to be played at this concert, we will also have a chance to hear the tiple – a traditional five-string plucked instrument of the Canary Islands.
As a matter of interest, jácaras are Spanish songs, which were accompanied with instruments and performed during the intervals of theatrical performances and as an accompaniment to many types of dance. Preserving the Mediterranean spirit, these performers will restore these centuries-old dances back to life. Have a listen!

Saturday 22 July, 8 pm
“The Girl from Ipanema”

The programme entitled “The Girl from Ipanema” promises yet another July night filled with classical jazz tunes and fervid Latin rhythms to be performed by the American-Lithuanian Minns Jazz Quintet.
Lithuanian-born Simona Minns is the graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where she obtained the diplomas in contemporary composition and music production a couple of years ago. Before leaving for the United States, she studied jazz vocal performance at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius. She says she chose to pursue studies in Boston “because of the opportunity to experience jazz music in the place where it originated.”
Making Boston her new home, Simona is active as a jazz singer, arranger, composer of orchestral and chamber music, producer of pop music albums, and founder of contemporary performance company “Syntheater,” which produces dance theatre performances, artistic workshops, and networking events.
Her husband Dorsey Minns will also appear with the Quintet, playing the trombone. He currently studies the trombone performance and film scoring at Berklee College of Music. He received his previous education at the Juilliard School in New York. Simona and Dorsey Minns have returned several times with concerts to Lithuania. Last year they held a jazz seminar at the Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts in Klaipėda.


Wednesday 26 July, 8 pm
“Film Music Night”

The closing concert of the Summer Series will pervade the air of the park with the echoing sounds of voices and wind instruments. The programme “Film Music Night” presented by the Palanga Orchestra will set the summer audience in good mood. It was devised and will be conducted by the Orchestra’s artistic director, Vygantas Rekašius. Two young singers will join the Orchestra and captivate the audience with their delightful voices: jazz singer Kristina Jatautaitė, member of the Cappella’A Vocal Group and leader of the Junior City Jazz studio for young jazz singers, and opera singer Andrius Bartkus who is currently engaged in the productions of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Together they will perform the excerpts from well-known film scores. Everybody will be able to hum these popular tunes along. We invite you to experience the spellbinding “Film Music Night”!


28 June "Clarinet In Love"

30 June "Accordion Passages"

5 July "Summer Nights"

12 July "Jazz Under The Linen Trees"

14 July "Heaven Endowed You With Eminence"

20 July "Undiscovered Spain"

22 July "The Girl From Ipanema“

26 July "Film Music Night"