The Concert Agency of Klaipėda Municipality Klaipėda Concert Hall (KCH) is a new independent concert organization in Klaipėda. It started its activities on the 1st of April in 2005 and has the status of a Concert Agency of Professional Stage Art (order of the Culture minister of LR “Concerning the recognition of the status of a concert agency to the Concert Agency of Klaipėda Municipality Klaipėda Concert Hall” June 23, 2005, No. ĮV-23 (Žin., 2005, No. 16-517)).

Mission of KCH is to develop the music art of a high level, organize public performance of professional stage art.

KCH is located in an up-to-date renovated building at Šauliai st. 36, Klaipėda. General area of the building is about 3000 square metres. It is equipped with a special acoustic system, sound and light technologies designated primarily for the concerts of classic music. There are 600 sitting accomodations, comfortable artists rooms and lounges for the performers.




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