Klaipėda Concert Hall has three professional art ensembles – Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra (artistic director Mindaugas Bačkus), mixed choir Aukuras (artistic director Alfonsas Vildžiūnas), and Klaipėda Brass Quintet (artistic director Vilmantas Bružas). Such highly professional ensembles are a significant part of the city’s cultural panorama representing the name of our Lithuanian port both on local and foreign stages, festivals, and competitions. Klaipėda Concert Hall also administers a unique instrument of the city – Klaipėda Carillon (carillonneurs Stanislovas Žilevičius, Kęstutis Kačinskas)




“An orchestra is a way of life, a philosophy of relation to music, and a creative community.”

Mindaugas Bačkus
artistic director of Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra



Two decades ago young and enthusiastic performers came together to create a Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra driven by an idea of serving classical music and a goal to strive and create a tradition of academic performance. The orchestra has kept true to its mission till today.

Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra plays various music styles for people of different ages, tastes and needs. The mastery, creative energy, and aspiration of the orchestra surprise the audience with unexpected experiments as well as interesting interpretations of classical and contemporary composers. Each concert becomes a special conversation between the artists and the public finalized with thunderous applause of gratitude.

The orchestra pays special attention to educational programs seeing them as another way to spread love for classical music as well as to inspire the young generation of artists and listeners.

About the Orchestra
The Artists of the Orchestra


“The most perfect musical instrument is the human voice.”

Alfonsas Vildžiūnas
artistic director of “Aukuras” choir




Professional choir Aukuras was founded in 1993. Strong voices, theatrical excellence and a wide variety of the repertoire all come together in every performance of Aukuras choir. Its repertoire covers both secular and sacral music of different eras and a wide variety of styles including jazz compositions and spirituals arrangements.

The concert biography of Aukuras is filled with hundreds of concerts. The voices of the singers have already reached audiences in almost all the continents.

Aukuras is a winner of a number of international contests. The restless choir is always seeking for new professional heights of music. The audience loves Aukuras for its creativity and enchanting harmony of voices revealing the essence of music.

About the Choir


“Shiny brass instruments send a message of joie de vivre to the
public. We want to transmit it to all, especially to the youth.”

Vilmantas Bružas
the leader of Klaipėda Brass Quintet


Klaipėda Brass Quintet has been successfully creating and performing for three decades starting with 1986. A fine ensemble of professional players performs in various places. It manages to find a way to the hearts of the audience
that has different musical experience. The artists create a cosy atmosphere and often spice up their performances with playful staging.

The repertoire of Klaipėda Brass Quintet is substantial, covering composers from Renaissance to 21st century.

The sound of the brass instruments spreads the word about Klaipėda both in Lithuania and abroad.

About the brass quintet



“Klaipėda Carillon is the world class instrument the citizens and the city can be proud of.”

Kęstutis Kačinskas




Klaipėda Carillon is a powerful voice of the city ringing each Saturday and Sunday noon as well as during important days for the city. The bells create a special atmosphere in the city with their ringing.

The first carillon in the tower of the old Klaipėda post office was installed in 1987. After two decades the carillon was changed to a new set of 48 flat profile bells that weigh more than 5 000 kilograms and are famous for their sound quality and tone. The new bells were molten in the Royal Eijsbauts bell foundry in the Netherlands.

Klaipėda‘s carillonneurs Kęstutis Kačinskas and Stanislovas Žilevičius as well as guest carillonneurs from Lithuania and other countries play this unique instrument for the citizens and visitors to admire.

It is especially enjoyable to listen to the bells in a nearby Klaipėda Clock Museum yard.

About the Carillon




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