Until 2010 it was the following:

  • Educational programme of Klaipėda Concert Hall “YOUNG FOR YOUNG”. Specially created, understandable and interesting continual programme for children and young people. Objective audiences – from kindergarteners to seniors. Goal of the Programme: music education and training of the higher cultural demands of children and young people and formation of the permanent audience of the listeners. Participants of the Programme: Art Collectives of KCH, pupils of Klaipėda music education institutions, other authors and performers of music programmes for children.
  • Programme that presents performers and composers of Klaipėda “Residents of Klaipėda on the Stage”. It’s the programme of the concerts in Klaipėda (KCH) and tours. Performers and composers of academic music of Klaipėda are presented. The Programme is oriented first to the collectives of KCH but it also can present other collectives and performers of the city. Participants of the Programme: Art Collectives of KCH, other collectives of the city, collectives of the music education institutions of the city.
  • Programme that presents Lithuanian performers and composers in Klaipėda “Project LT”. Talented Lithuanian performers and composers of the classical music of different genres and their new programmes are presented. Special attention is given to the masters of grand piano. Participants of the Programme: Lithuanian performers and collectives. Joint programmes with the residents of Klaipėda are arranged./
  • Programme that presents performers from abroad in Klaipėda “Music of the World”. Famous and talented performers of different genres from abroad, real masters of classical music are presented. Special attention is paid to famous masters of grand piano (there is a new Steinway grand piano in the concert hall). Goal of the Programme is to present famous performers from different countries. Beside the concerts representatives of culture business, diplomatic missions etc. are also invited.




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