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It Is an Apocalypse Time!

2021 July 16 Past event
1 h 30 min
18 Eur
Start of the Event: 8 pm 
Place of the event: the Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall
Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director Mindaugas Bačkus
Kummerbuben (Switzerland): Simon Jäggi (vocals), Moritz Alfons (guitar), Urs Gilgen (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Higi Bigler (bass guitar, saxophone, bass clarinet), Tobi Heim (percussion)
Conductor Droujelub Yanakiew (Switzerland)
Programme: all compositions by Kummerbuben (arr. for string orchestra by Droujelub Yanakiew)

Would you go for a combination of a string orchestra and a folk rock band? Havent’ heard anything like it? In any case, we invite you to listen to the programme “It Is an Apocalypse Time!” presented by the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra and the Swiss folk rock band Kummerbuben. Both collectives have already performed this programme under the baton of Droujelub Yanakiew, a Bulgarian conductor currently living in Switzerland, at the Klangantrisch Festival in Riggisberg (Switzerland), in 2019. The subsequent performance in Klaipėda was cancelled last year due to pandemic. We hope this time everything will go as smoothly as planned.
Droujelub Yanakiew will not only appear in the conductor’s role – he is also responsible for arranging Kummerbuben’s songs for string orchestra. The idea for this project arose in 2018, as a collaboration between the conductor, the Swiss folk rock band Kummerbuben and the Variaton Projektorchester from Bern. Yanakiew, a completely open-minded musician, and Kummerbuben quickly found a common ground in their musical thinking. They bring together an alternative rock feeling and the big sounds and expressivity of the classical orchestra. On stage, all the artists go together through sadness, loneliness, craziness, fun, and a real joy. The songs lead to a very touching, refreshing and enjoyable experience for the audience of all ages.