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White July Night

2020 July 9 Past event
1 h 10 min
10 Eur
Start of the Event: 7.30 pm 
Place of the event: the Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall
Baltos Varnos: Milda Andrijauskaitė-Bakanauskienė (voice, violin, guitar), Teresė Andrijauskaitė (voice, violin, guitar), Julius Bakanauskas (bass guitar), Tomas Urbanavičius (percussion, drums)
Klaipėda Brass Quintet: Sigitas Petrulis (Artistic Director, trumpet), Alius Maknavičius (trumpet), Mindaugas Paškauskas (horn), Arvydas Stakvilevičius (trombone), Vidmantas Liasis (tuba)
Programme: Jan Magre Forde, James Morrison, songs written by the Baltos Varnos (arr. by Leonardas Pilkauskas)

“White July Night” is the second programme presented by the Klaipėda Brass Quintet in collaboration with the band Baltos Varnos (White Crows). Having appeared with the Quintet a couple of years ago, this time they will team up with bassist Julius Bakanauskas, violinist Tadas Dešukas who will play the mandolin, and percussionist Tomas Urbanavičius.
Known for their radiant smiles and contagious optimism, sisters Milda and Teresė Andrijauskaitė are active as songwriters and performers. Their work combines the elements of songwriting, folklore and improvisation. Baltos Varnos has earned wide public acclaim by appearing nationwide at various venues and in television projects.
The Klaipėda Brass Quintet is recognised for its inventive approach to programming. Under the artistic leadership of Sigitas Petrulis, the band of five wind players is as eager as ever to expand its repertoire and collaborations, which help open up new possibilities and captivating ideas.
The programme entitled “White July Night” is mainly made up of songs by the “Baltos Varnos,” with the addition of improvisations and brass colours.
We hope this evening will bring you the joy of discovery!
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