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The Old Man of Bones on the Iron Mountain

2020 October 21 Past event
1 h.
8 Eur
Start of the Event: 6.30 pm 
Place of the event: Klaipėda Concert Hall
An opera for kids and their families
Composer Bronius Kutavičius
Text by Sigitas Geda
Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director Mindaugas Bačkus 
Klaipėda Choir “Aukuras”
Artistic Director Alfonsas Vildžiūnas
Conductor Martynas Staškus
Soloists and actors: Rasa Ulteravičiūtė, Evelina Šimelionė, Gytis Šimelionis
pupil’s vocal ensemble from the Klaipėda Vydūnas Gymnasium (leader Ingrida Bertulienė)
Director Birutė Mar
Set Designer Indrė Pačėsaitė
Video by Karolis Bratkauskas

The Old Man of Bones on the Iron Mountain is an opera for children written in 1976 by renowned Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavičius. The world of his art extends far beyond the realm of pure music and for this reason it appeals both to adult listeners, especially those who feel emotionally connected to the ancient history of their nation, and to children who still dwell in the world of fairy tales.
The opera is written to a libretto by Sigitas Geda, a Lithuanian poet and composer’s longtime collaborator. It is a stylized folk tale, featuring characters like the Sparrow and the Mouse, the Hawk, the Man, three old ladies, Hawk’s sisters, the Swan Maiden, the Man’s Son, the Old Man of Bones, etc. It is quite short in duration, composed with children’s listening capabilities in mind, even though it was not initially intended for performance by children. The new version of this opera was prepared for this production by the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, Klaipėda Choir “Aukuras”, singers-actors Rasa Ulteravičiūtė, Evelina Šimelionė, Gytis Šimelionis and vocal ensemble of pupils from the Klaipėda Vydūnas Gymnasium, who act and sing under the baton of Martynas Staškus.
The new production of the opera was premiered in April 2019. It was directed by Birutė Mar, with sets and costumes designed by Indrė Pačėsaitė, and videography by Karolis Bratkauskas.
The artistic and musical aspects of this production have been determined by the way archaic and contemporary elements combine and enter into dialogue. This interpretation of Kutavičius’s opera seems to be fun and rewarding for little kids and adults alike. We invite you to experience it for yourself!
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