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Little House of Music

2020 July 8 Past event
40 min
6 Eur
Start of the Event: 11 am 
Place of the event: the Park Stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall
An educational programme for kids aged between 2 and 6 years and their parents
Justina Orlovskytė (voice, flutes)
Ingrida Spalinskaitė-Kurienė (percussion, kanklės)
Kotryna Šileikaitė (director, actress, voice)
Rūta Lečaitė (set designer)
Programme: Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė, Camille Saint-Saëns, Julian Nott, a. o.

This summer out littlest listeners will have yet another opportunity to take part in our educational programme called “Little House of Music.” It offers an interactive experience for very young children, involving them in musical stories about the inhabitants and all belongings of the house. Everybody is free to take an active part in this performance: you can make some simple everyday sounds, which performers will use as cues for their homespun songs and instrumental pieces performed on the flute, kanklės and percussion instruments. We hope this will help develop children’s awareness of music that is born in our homes at first and later is to be sought after at concert halls. This engaging exploration of music is adapted to suit the needs of children’s learning by the moms of two little girls Solveiga and Matėja – Justina Orlovskytė (voice, flutes) and Ingrida Spalinskaitė-Kurienė (percussion, kanklės). Together with the singing actress Kotryna Šileikaitė, they will invite their little listeners to open the door into the little house of music and meet its amusing residents.

We invite all to visit our “Little House of Music”!
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Pre-schoolers (2–7 years of age) will be admitted to all events free of charge, except the educational programme “Little House of Music.” Admission to the “Little House of Music” is free of charge for children under 2 years of age.