Salve Musica 2017

Festival of Festive Classics Salve Musica

1–31 December, 2017

Greeting and Invitation from “Salve Musica”

Soon at the Klaipėda Concert Hall chords of “Salve Musica”, festival of festive classics, will resound. All December it will spread the tranquility, cover with blessedness, speak about the flowing time and longing for the real values. Forever alive classical music will fill us with joy and hope. We invite You to meet and celebrate the most beautiful time of the year together with music!

1 December,  Friday,  6.30 PM.

Last year founded “O/ Modernt String Quartett”, visiting Lithuania for the very first time, is led by violinist Hugo Ticciati. Composer Arvo Pärt had once described this musician as having a rare ability to convey the real profundity of music. Ensemble combines early and contemporary music in  a new and brave way, aiming to expand limits of the tradition of quartet genre. Performers expect to open up still unknown potential of string quartet as well as new, vibrant dimensions of such music. That is the reason why this ensemble willingly collaborates with  performers of different genres.

“O/ Modernt String Quartett” will introduce the intriguing program that was prepared together with the percussionist Evelyn Glennie (United Kingdom), constantly surprising with her unexpected ideas. She has played together with many of the most important symphony orchestras from Europe and USA as well as Japanese percussion ensemble “Kodo”, famous pop singer Björk, Javanese gamelan, Brasilian samba ensembles, etc. The percussionist, highly-esteemed all around the world, holds a collection of more than 1300 instruments including home tools and parts of  autocars. Moreover, Glennie composes music for movies and TV. At this concert an extremely wide and originally treated musical panorama will be exposed including music of 17th century composer Henry Purcell (1659–1695) as well as artists of 21th century.


8 December,  Friday,  6.30 PM.
“The Christmas Oratorio”

In music history the cycle of six cantatas known as “Christmas Oratorio”, created by Baroque genius Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750),notably arisescomparing with other composer's cantatas dedicated to Advent and Christmas periods. What did predetermine this worldwide uniqueness? First of all, text of the oratorio concentrates on the integral Christmas story based on Biblical story about the manifestation of angels, adoration of the shepherds, the birth of Jesus and Three Wise Men coming to Bethlehem. At the 7–8 decades of 20th century with the beginning of historically-informed performances this Bach's work became one of the most popular ones in the world's concert halls as well as churches. Advent period could not have been imagined without it. Performances of “Christmas Oratorio” turned into the matter of honor for all the Western Europe countries. In 2017, announced as the year of Reformation, celabrated in Lithuania as well, this oratorio is being performed in all the countries of European Union. Artistic forces of Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Choir “Brevis” joined by the great soloists from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia has been brought together for the performance of “Christmas Oratorio”. Artistic directors of the project – Alina Rotaru and Darius Stabinskas.

10 December, Sunday, 4 PM, Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi
“Brass pipes”

In this concert's program the sound of brass quintet and organ will be combined into the harmonious entirety. At the sacred space of the chapel music will be played by Klaipėda Brass Quintet together with the organist Balys Vaitkus. According to musicologist Jūratė Landsbergytė, he is „a distinct representative of Western performance practice in Lithuania“. Repertoire of this actively performing musician, organiser of the festival “Organ Summer”held in Nida includes works from the early Baroque masters to contemporary pieces of Lithuanian and foreign authors. In the performance of this organist and quintet will exaltedly resound original pieces as well as arrangements of Christmas carols, providing this concert with quietness and sacredness. Program invites You to focus and listen attentively to the humming of “Brass Pipes”. It is going to be the Advent Sunday when time do not rush to melt (as the first snow), mind look for the quietness and soul aim to find the blessedness in the islands of divine harmony.

12 December,  Tuesday, 6.30 PM, 1st floor foyer
“Unexpected meetings”

Program “Unexpected meetings”, prepared by four young, but already well-known musicians Dalia Dėdinskaitė (violin), Gleb Pyšniak (cello), Robertas Lozinskis (piano) and Marius Šinkūnas (vibraphone) will raise from the oblivion the heritage of Lithuanian Jews. According to performers, “more than 600 years Lithuanian Jews (Litvaks) have significantly contributed to the development of Lithuania and neighbour countries until the tragedy of Holocaust destroyed or forced to leave almost 95 percent of their community. Despite this, descendents of Litvaks until know are spread all over the world. There was a lot of writing and discussion about them and their works, but the best way for music to remain alive is its constant performance. In this way music reaches the heart and mind of listeners. This program is a meaningful and sincere aspiration of performers to join the past and present following the footsteps of the heritage of Lithuanian Jews. Concert's program includes works by Anatolijus Šenderovas, Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Benny Goodman, Viačeslav Ganelin and others. As well in this evening the recording of chamber music for violin, cello, piano and vibraphone from Lithuanian or Lithuania-related Jews will be introduced.


14 December, Thursday,  6.30 PM.
“American Rhythms and Four Saxophones”

Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra led by the pride of Lithuanian culture Modestas Pitrėnas after one year break will again perform together with the saxophone quartet “Signum” (Germany) at the Klaipėda Concert Hall. With its youthful energy and fresh ideas “Signum” blows into the European concert halls and festivals with the wind of changes. The pleasure of experimentation as well as versatility is reflected not only by the unusual programs of the quartet. Four young musicians may be heard interpreting classical works for a quartet along with their amazing arrangements of well-known pieces supplemented with the new inspiring sound. Performing music with ease and most often without the scores, this young ensemble complements their performances with stage movements and elements from instrumental theatre. This time splendid performers will give an expressive permormance of “American Rhythms” for saxophone quartet and orchestra written by the composer and saxophonist Bob Mintzer. In the first part of this evening we will also hear the Symphony No. 5 by Osvaldas Balakauskas, honorable personality of Lithuanian culture, celebrating his 80th anniversary. “O. Balakauskas is an acutely individual voice in today's symphonic world”, – once has critic Göran Forsling said. According to him, the last part of the Symphony No. 5 “could be a charming bis of every symphonic concert which could raise up everybody on their feet”.

Contemporary Dance and Music Performance for the Family
15 December,  Friday,  12 PM and 6.30 PM
“The King December”

“The childhood sometimes appears at the end of life. If you do not believe, you may ask the little King December about it. By the way, you may ask him everything. You may lie with him at the balcony, look at the stars and discuss about the immortality. It is possible to give names for the clouds. It is possible to examine little boxes where the king keeps his dreams. Or just go out and see something that you have not seen before“, – that is written in the book „The Little King December“ by Axel Hacke and Michael Sowa. This book inspired the birth of music and dance performance for the whole family named “King December”. This performance discusses about the importance of fantasy and imagination what is extremely important today because of the new generation influenced by the latest technologies. Main roles in the performance directed by choreographer Agnija Šeiko were entrusted to the dancer Marius Pinigis and actor Petras Lisauskas. At the stage of Klaipėda Concert Hall video projections made by Rimas Sakalauskas will create the city of unrealistic fantasy whose residents will be impersonated by performers of Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra. Conversations, stories and unexpected views will cultivate children's fantasy as well as provoke them to interpret and create stories by themselves.


19 December,  Tuesday,  6.30 PM
“The Waltz Suite”

Cold evening of December filles up with the wonderful music. Everything around looks so fragile, but eternal: the frost, stars, perfect sound... It is the distant – close music both as one. It is the new and old meetings with piano virtuoso Alexander Paley.

More than thirty times performances of this pianist charmed and fascinated the citizens of Klaipėda, inspiring to think about artist's passion for music, especially for the piano. “For me, touching the keybord is the sweetest thing in life”, – says internationally recognized performer, every year willingly coming to Klaipėda. Paley constantly travels from home in New York to Paris as well as  different concert halls in Europe, North and South America. His repertoire includes more than fifty concerts for piano and orchestra, several hundred solo and chamber music pieces. Charismatic pianist, spectacular Jean-Philippe Rameau and romantic Franz Schubert – tremendously gourmet meal for the melomanes!


22 December, Friday, 6.30 PM
“Merry Christmas”

“Christmas carols are widespread in the Christian world. This concert's program includes popular carols in Lithuanian, English, Russian, Italian and Latin languages. Special place is dedicated to “Christmas Prayers” by Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė. This work will be performed by choir, Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra Quintet and soloist, laureate of “Golden Voice” competition Lina Rastokaitė. As well, Vilimas Norkūnas will play the hapsichord“, – that is how Alfonsas Vildžiūnas, artistic director of Klaipėda Choir „Aukuras“, speaks about the forthcoming program.

Actress Lina Rastokaitė not only acts, but also sings. She has already prepared two-part program including pieces from famous musicals and movies. “I want to be on stage. I love any process related to creative work. It doesn't matter if it is preparation of a new song or filming series of “Sweet Sin“ – I like the process itself. The further the better I understand that only like this I would like to live...“, – in one of her interviews told singing actress who is going to make her debut at the festival of Klaipėda Concert Hall.

25 December, Monday, 4 PM, Klaipėda Clock Museum Yard
Christmas Concert of Klaipėda Carillon

From very old times bells hanging up in the high towers have been inviting people to gather, celebrate and pray as well as defend against enemies. Like every year on Christmas day as well as  New Year's Eve bells of Klaipėda carillon will resound again. On Christmas carillon player Kęstutis Kačinskas will greet everybody from the tower of Klaipėda Central Post Office, whereas bell music played by Stanislovas Žilevičius will lead the citizens  to the New Year. Sound of music will spread out to the celebrating city announcing happy news. Let's greet each other, celebrate and enjoy awaited!


28 December, Thursday, 6.30 PM
“Festive Caprices”

Only once in a year or, more precisely, in their very last days the citizens of Klaipėda have an opportunity to listen to the violin virtuoso Sergej Krylov along with Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra under his guidance. This year's program “Festive Caprices” includes pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sergej Prokofiev and  Niccolò Paganini. An exceptional relation exists among the latter and Krylov himself. At the Kremona Music Academy (Italy) violinist studied with the world-famous musician Salvatore Accardo who had examined and performed all the works of Paganini. With the experience of tutor Krylov got an opportunity of better acquaintance with performance subtlety of pieces by Italian virtuoso. He played a lot of his music, including the 5th concerto, difficult to perform even for the best musicians. The audience will be given a chance to hear few transcriptions of Paganini caprices made for violin and orchestra as well as orchestral arangements of “Moments” by Sergej Prokofiev, symphonies by W. A. Mozart. We are sure that “Festive Caprices” will give You a lot of memorable moments.

29 December, Friday, 6.30 PM, 1st Floor Foyer
Salon of Clara Schumann. Triumph of the Waltz”

At the end of 18th in Viena waltz was played for the very first time and conquered the approval of citizens, because of its lightness, musicality and charm. It quickly moved from the stage to the party and dance halls as well as garden concerts. Over time waltzes fascinated all Europe from Paris to Saint Petersburg. In the 19th century waltz got a way into the musical life of all Europe, whereas Johann Strauss Jr. crowned it. Guoda Gedvilaitė, the landlady of“Salon of Clara Schumann”, invited her good friend, pianist Felix Mendelssohn (impersonated by Joris Sodeika for the evening), one of the most famous singers of 19th century Henriet Treffz (the first wife of Johann Strauss II, impersonated by Justė Jankauskaitė). She will sing duo with the famous Austrian tenor Alois Ander (Laimonas Bendaravičius). If maestro Johann Strauss II will not be departed, he will also honour guests with his visit. “Triumphe of the Waltz” will undoubtedly make a lot of entertaining surprises for the audience!

31 December, Thursday, 6.30 PM.
The Night of Passionate Music”

Gourmands of the eternal classics should be delighted because of the news about the “Night of Passionate Music” – the concert of the last old year's evening. It promises to enthrall the audience with the expressive, emotional music performed by the violin, accordion and chamber orchestra. This year Mindaugas Bačkus, artistic director of Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, invited good friends of the orchestra – violinist Vilhelmas Čepinskis and accordionist Giuseppe Scigliano, coming from the sunny Italy, to play music together. Emotional, temperamental and genuine playing playing will unfold on the stage, the highest artistry of soloists, professionalism of the orchestra and mellifluos sound will allure.

Festive program combines works of Ástor Piazzolla and John Rutter, Wojciech Kilar and Niccolò Paganini as well as Jenő Hubay. As every year, before the concert and during the break special jolly surprises will wait for the audience.

“The Night of passionate music” will joyfully lead You to the New Year. Let they be the happiest, full of love, light and beautiful music!

31 December, Sunday, 11.30 PM, Klaipėda Clock Museum Yard
New Year Concert of Klaipėda Carillon

From very old times bells hanging up in the high towers have been inviting people to gather, celebrate and pray as well as defend against enemies. Like every year on Christmas day as well as  New Year's Eve bells of Klaipėda carillon will resound again. On Christmas carillon player Kęstutis Kačinskas will greet everybody from the tower of Klaipėda Central Post Office, whereas bell music played by Stanislovas Žilevičius will lead the citizens  to the New Year. Sound of music will spread out to the celebrating city announcing happy news. Let's greet each other, celebrate and enjoy awaited!



"The Christmas Oratorio"

"Brass Pipes"

 "Unexpected Meetings"

"American Rhythms and Four Saxophones"

"Merry Christmas"

"Festive Caprices"

"Salon of Clara Schumann. Triumph of the Waltz"

"The Night of Passionate Music"