Muy bien, adios!

2019 June 5 Past event
1 h.
10.00 €
Start of the Event: 6.30 pm., the Ground Floor Foyer 
Chris Ruebens (guitar, Belgium / Lithuania)
Tadas Dešukas (violin)

Last year guitarist and composer Chris Ruebens launched his first solo programme by the same title in concerts at various venues and festivals around the country. This time he will mount the stage together with the well-known Lithuanian jazz violinist, Tadas Dešukas. The duo’s programme largely consists of compositions by Ruebens, which received not only public and critical acclaim on concert stage but also garnered him awards at international competitions, such as Acerra Guitar Composition Competition and Independent Music Awards (IMA). He fascinates his listeners and fellow performers alike by his ability to evoke rich exotic soundscapes through an exquisite blend of different musical cultures, styles and genres, all combined with fetching melodies.
Hailing from Belgium, this classical guitarist moved to Lithuania ten years ago and has been active as performer, composer and teacher ever since then. In his solo programme Chris is going to let his listeners through the deepest parts of his inner self and invite each member of the audience to turn inward. In fact, this programme is a solid proof that sometimes it is not necessary to write flaunting announcements and hire enormous spaces to have an exceptional event. Chamber hall is perfectly fine to have a sincere musical conversation and time to listen to your inner self…
You are most welcome to attend this intimate concert where you can relish the sounds of two different string instruments and a wealth of the most beautiful melodies!
Chris Ruebens, John Zorn, a. o.