The “Music of Changes” festival celebrates 770 years since the foundation of Klaipėda with the sounds of contemporary music

2022 09 12

The Klaipėda Concert Hall opens its 19th concert season with the “Music of Changes” festival, which is dedicated this year to the 770th anniversary of Klaipėda. Organized since the foundation of the Klaipėda Concert Hall in 2005, the festival returns every autumn to present introduce audiences to the ever-changing musical art of the 20th and 21st centuries, innovative forms of musical expression, interdisciplinary approaches, and unconventional creative methods, as well as nurture the most auspicious creative tendencies. The Music of Changes Festival aims to contribute to an image of Klaipėda as a modern city, open to various influences that can attract the attention of audiences not only locally, but also nationally and internationally.

The 18th edition of the festival to be held from 15 September through 6 October in Klaipėda offers a glimpse into a wide context of contemporary musical culture represented by a programme of events packed with internationally acclaimed projects and acts. By mounting such events that employ a wide range of modern technology, innovative forms and ideas we aim to raise the accessibility of culture in the region of Western Lithuania and promote cultural literacy in modern society and new creative initiatives.

The choice of the main theme for this year’s festival was determined by a special occasion: Klaipėda turned 770 this year. Thus, the city’s turbulent history will be celebrated by introducing the art of composers and performers who were born and based here, or somehow related to Klaipėda. Besides, the festival programmes will mark two other important anniversaries in the context of Lithuanian modern music: Bronius Kutavičius (1932–2021) would have turned 90 this September and Osvaldas Balakauskas will celebrate his 85th anniversary later this year.

The Music of Changes captivates its audiences by presenting thought-provoking encounters with the most outstanding contemporary artists and performers from Lithuania and around the world. These encounters also feature some ground-breaking works that brought about changes in the history of music during the last century and some cutting-edge musical explorations of the present day. By presenting the most daring and exciting musical art of our time with infectious energy and dash the festival offers an opportunity to focus attention on the ever changing and constantly reviving world of sounds. We invite you to open up your minds for change!

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