CANCELLED | The Trumpet City

Start of the Event: 6.30 pm 
Place of the event: Klaipėda Concert Hall
A musical-educational tale for the whole family
Lithuanian State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas”
Artistic Director Antanas Kučinskas
Chief Conductor Ugnius Vaiginis
Director, dramaturge and actress Birutė Mar
Costume and set designer Indrė Pačėsaitė
Video artwork by Karolis Bratkauskas
Lighting designer Rimas Petrauskas
Designers: Asta Puikienė, Martynas Latušinskas
Programme: Tauras Adomavičius, Victor Sainz, Igor Stravinsky, Paul Anthony Romero, Chris Evan Hass, Irving Berlin, Eugène Bourdeau, Herman Beeftink, Ceri John, Jennifer Higdon
Tickets 8 Eur
Do you like musical fairy tales?
Presented by the Lithuanian State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas,” this concert takes young listeners and their seniors on an adventurous trip to “The Trumpet City.” You will be introduced to the instruments of the wind orchestra, learn their human ‘characters’ and responsibilities of the conductor and other members of the orchestra. Adults will probably also spot certain ironic references to the way things are in our real life society and state. Every group of instruments in “The Trumpet City” will metaphorically represent our own society. The conductor will act as a pointsman and clarinets as ordinary citizens. Saxophones will personify the gang of local bullies, while tubas will stand on the side of the rich. Everything in this trip will lead to the one and only question: can all these very different characters live in peace for the sake of common good – that is, music and harmony?
You may wish to shake hands with the ever-serious pointsman on duty – conductor Ugnius Vaiginis, or eavesdrop on the bankers from the Tubas’ Club, or join the gang of the city’s bullies – saxophones. Or maybe you have the guts to go on strike with the orchestra musicians and shout: “We want to live as we like! We want to play as we like! We want as we like!” Or you can just listen to music and watch the spectacle, taking delight in the contrivance and acting of Birutė Mar who also happens to be the director and playwright of this programme.
A splendid time is guaranteed for all!
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