The Cello Feast

Start of the Event: 6.30 pm 
Place of the event: Klaipėda Concert Hall
A tribute to Romanas Armonas
Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director Mindaugas Bačkus
Soloists: Rimantas Armonas, Ramutė Kalnėnaitė, Edmundas Kulikauskas, Kornelija Kupšytė, Karolis Vaičiulis, Mindaugas Bačkus (cellos)
With the participation of: Violeta Vaitiekūnaitė-Bendoraitienė, Dainius Palšauskas, Jonas Armonas, Mykolas Rutkauskas, Dominykas Digimas, Marius Sakavičius (cellos)
Programme: Arvydas Malcys, Giovanni Sollima, Max Bruch, Roberto Molinelli, David Popper, Karl Davydov, a. o.

Tickets 14 Eur

The Cello Feast that opens the calendar of events scheduled at the Klaipėda Concert Hall in 2022 offers a glimpse into the world of cello music. This programme is a continuation of the series of feasts dedicated to particular instruments, which was launched in 2014 by the artistic director of the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, Mindaugas Bačkus. The cello is featured in the current part of the series, which pays a tribute to Romanas Armonas – one of the most seminal and influential cello teachers in Lithuania. He passed away in autumn last year and this concert dedicated in his loving memory is “an opportunity to celebrate his legacy and his love for music and cello, which had such a long-lasting impact on so many of his pupils,” Bačkus says. “My intention was to reunite at least several of his direct pupils (and pupils taught by his pupils) in Klaipėda, because, like Donatas Katkus has recently asserted in his obituary, ‘they are the bearers of his moral and aesthetic precepts, of a world that lives on and forms the essential identity of our music’.”

The musical genius of Romanas Armonas was at its best in teaching. His pupils were constantly mentioned among the winners of various competitions. Now they have become famous performers pursuing successful concert and teaching careers. Some of them are featured as soloists in The Cello Feast programme, including Ramutė Kalnėnaitė (the first Lithuanian cellist to win an international competition in 1968), Edmundas Kulikauskas, and Mindaugas Bačkus. Young members of the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra – cellists Kornelija Kupšytė and Karolus Vaičiulis – will join them as soloists and pupils trained by Armonas’ pupils. Some other Lithuanian cellists will also pay their homage to the great cellist and educator.

Information for concert goers
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