The Legend about Čiurlionis

Date of the event: October 26, 2022
Start of the event: 6.30 pm 
Place of the event: at the Ground Floor Foyer
Čiurlionis: On the Harp Strings CD (Naxos) launch concert
Joana Daunytė (harp)
Programme: Henriette Renié, Gabriel Fauré, Carlos Salzedo, Marcel Tournier, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
Tickets 10 Eur
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The enchanting sounds of harp will mesmerize the audience in the recital of Joana Daunytė. It is a rare opportunity to listen to this regal instrument awakened by the sensitive fingers of the harp goddess. The programme entitled “The Legend about Čiurlionis” is comprised of works by the foremost Lithuanian artist and composer, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, arranged for harp by Daunytė, along with some other works by his contemporary French composers.

Daunytė has recently recorded a CD of Čiurlionis’ works, entitled “Čiurlionis: On the Harp Strings” (released by Naxos), which she will launch during the concert. “An idea for this endeavour has been gestating in me for quite a long time. My intention was to expand the existing harp repertoire by including more Lithuanian works. In my study years, being far away from Lithuania and often feeling homesick, I felt the urge to arrange works by Čiurlionis. His early piano preludes seemed rather easily adaptable for harp. This led me to conclude that once he had a decent harpist at his disposal, there would have been plenty of pieces for harp in his legacy today,” told the harpist.

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, a renowned Čiurlionis’s scholar, who wrote liner notes for the CD, noted that “the symbolism of the harp is unique in the world of music. The instrument can be found from the earliest times when the resonance of a taut string on a bow was found to create pleasing sounds. Hearing Čiurlionis’s music recorded by Joana Daunytė, I understand these ancient connections. In Čiurlionis’s paintings one can sometimes perceive a silhouette, the slight contour of a harp, timidly emerging out of the shapes of nature. Such signs tell us: everything is music.”

What was the world like and how did it sound in the time of Čiurlionis? You can hear for yourselves, if you choose to attend the harp recital by Joana Daunytė!

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