The Musical Theatre of Kutavičius

Start of the Event: 6.30 pm 
Place of the event: Klaipėda Concert Hall
Director and actress Birutė Mar
Agnė Stančikaitė (soprano)
Eglė Čeponaitė (oboe)
String Quartet of the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra:
Konrad Levicki (1st violin), Tomas Cinelis (2nd violin), Anna Luiza Aleksandrow Bertash
(viola), Kornelija Kupšytė (cello)
Gaivilė Simaitytė, Kristina Budvytytė-Mejerė (piano duo)
Programme: Bronius Kutavičius

Tickets 10 Eur
The music of Bronius Kutavičius often features the magic ritual of sound, which places listeners at the centre of mysterious action and pulls them into mesmeric musical experience. Steadily pulsing ostinato rhythms engulf our senses and draw into an immersive experience of time. In the programme “The Musical Theatre of Kutavičius,” we invite you to delve into the depths of Kutavičius’ theatrical music together with actress and theatre director Birutė Mar, soloist Agnė Stančikaitė and instrumentalists from Klaipėda.
This concert-performance will feature three of his works composed between 1975 and 1980. According to the composer, two of these works – String Quartet No. 2 Anno cum tettigonia and The Little Spectacle – broke new ground in Lithuanian music of the time: “They blazed a totally new trend in Lithuanian music. At the time when Lithuanian composers were searching for possibilities to apply all these dodecaphonic, aleatoric and other modern sonorities in their work, I suddenly turned in a completely different direction…”
The Little Spectacle for an actress, two violins and two pianos (1975) was written to the previously unpublished verses by Lithuanian poet Sigitas Geda. “The spectacle for a single actress is not a performance full of special effects. It is a restrained movement akin to Chinese or Japanese theatre, wherein tiny changes and rests are important.” (Austė Nakienė).
In Anno cum tettigonia (Year with the Grasshopper) for string quartet and tape (1980), Kutavičius stands out for his masterful treatment of musical form that embodies a rather simple and ingenious idea. The grasshopper is the symbol for a year in Japanese mythology. The timing in this quartet is measured with accurate precision: it is comprised of 365 measures, which stand for the number of days in a year; at every seventh measure (week) there is a slight variation in rhythm; and a recording of a bell tolling is heard twelve times (months).
Two Birds in the Shade of theWoods, a cantata for soprano, oboe, prepared piano and tape (1978) is a lyrical, meditative composition set to the poems by Rabindranath Tagore. The central movement features a dialogue between incongruous lovers doomed to be apart forever: a bird living in the woods and a bird in a cage. The singer performs the song of the first bird live, while the other is recorded on tape. Kutavičius also utilizes aleatoric notation and bowing of a prepared piano, which produces a buzzing, droning, and sometimes percussive sound reminiscent of classical Indian music.
Information for concert goers
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