Fragrances of France

Start of the event: 6:30 PM

Lukas Geniušas (piano, Lithuania / Russia)
Marija Geniušaitė (soprano)
Dalia Dėdinskaitė (violin)
Gleb Pyšniak (cello)

Programme: Georges Bizet, Maurice Ravel, Francis Poulenc, Reynaldo Hahn, Claude Debussy

Tickets 10.00 - 14.00 €
“Fragrances of France” will emanate from the works by French composers – Georges Bizet, Maurice Ravel, Francis Poulenc and Reynaldo Hahn – which have been combined into one delectable programme by pianist Lukas Geniušas, silver medallist of the prestigious Chopin and Tchaikovsky competitions. These victories opened ways to year-round extensive tours and appearances every other day in each time different places of the world.
This time Lukas returns to Klaipėda not only as a soloist but also as an accompanist to his cousin, singer Marija Geniušaitė. This duo of cousins has already given a concert in Moscow, but in this programme they will please the audience with the selection of French art songs. “As we began to rehearse, we instantly felt musical affinity and mutual understanding: many things just came out naturally, without much discussion. I think it is essential to have such a good rapport when you perform musical works as subtle as chansons by Debussy, Hahn and Poulenc. I sincerely hope that our concert in Klaipėda will reassert these first impressions after our first musical acquaintance! It feels really strange to know a person all your life and have no previous experience as stage partners.”
Moreover, we will hear Lukas perform with the trio, in which he will join avid chamber musicians Dalia Dėdinskaitė (violin) and Gleb Pyšniak (cello). They will perform Ravel’s Piano Trio, a work of remarkable beauty and complexity, reconciling conventional formal framework with a wide variety of inspirations and innovations.
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