Salve Musica 2013

Christmas Music Festival

6–31 December
About festival


December in Klaipėda Concert Hall warms the hearts of the audience with concerts of holiday classics festival Salve Musica. They revive the spirits and bring bliss. Carefully selected repertoire of the festival, festive meetings with Lithuanian and foreign professional musicians enrich the Christmas season in Klaipėda. The festival becomes a pleasant gift to the audience.

Tickets to the concerts of the festivals:

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Festival repertoire:

Loreta Narvilaitė
Deputy Director for Culture
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When one starts sensing the relentless passage of time; when the shining smiles get blurred in the varicoloured kaleidoscope of everyday routines; when one’s hands droop, being unable to grapple with the unbearable workload; when all good ideas disappear without trace... then one suddenly hears the festive strains of the Salve Musica Christmas Music Festival, which sound like the promise of peace and bliss, and awaken the longing for true values in life. Let the evergreen classics fill our hearts with joy and hope once again! We invite you to spend the wonderful Christmas season with us at the Klaipėda Concert Hall!

Festival programme
Friday 6 December, 6 pm
“The Seasons”

The festival’s opening concert, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Aukuras Choir, features the performance of Joseph Haydn’s magnificent oratorio The Seasons (Die Jahreszeiten). A very special guest, conductor Dante Anzolini, whose masterful musicianship has turned him into a legend among the local musicians many years ago, will appear in this programme. He is much coveted not only in Klaipėda, but also at the world‘s major concert halls and opera houses. His concert itineraries extend through the most of Europe, United States, North and South Americas. Besides the standard Classical repertoire, he often opts for contemporary scores.
Tuesday 10 December, 6 pm
“The Poet’s Love and Cabaret Songs”

“Chamber music is perhaps the most intimate and delicate domain of musical performance. There is a unique and magic relationship that usually connects the composer, the performer and the listener at the chamber music concerts. It is a dialogue between two instruments, the voice and the piano, between two artists,” pianist Justas Šervenikas reveals. He will accompany the American baritone Michael Weyandt in the performance of Schumann’s famous song cycle The Poet’s Love, William Bolcom’s colourful Cabaret Songs and a selection of other vocal masterpieces.
Friday 13 December, 6 pm
“Classical Smuggling”

Opera singer Ieva Prudnikovaitė and rock singer Jeronimas Milius nurture a hardly tolerable and absolutely unjustifiable musical relationship. On top of that, they managed to recruit an infamously versatile pianist Feliksas Zakrevskis who feels at ease both in classical music and jazz. This incongruous gang even cajoled virtuoso rock guitarist Tomas Varnagiris and drummer Martynas Lukoševičius into their wicked ways. This quintet has serious plans to break age-old laws of music and make attempts on things that usually come under the heading PROHIBITED. The Classical and Rock music will compete for your attention on December 13th. Warning: all this stuff is illegal and might be highly contagious!
Tuesday 17 December, 6 pm
“Tradición nuevo: New Tradition”

Appearances of the Baltic Guitar Quartet always leave its audiences with many enjoyable and memorable moments. The present programme “Tradición nuevo: New Tradition” is very likely to have the same effect. It was named after a piece from the recently released CD by the Baltic Guitar Quartet, which will be presented to the Klaipėda audience. The performers describe this music as traditional in origin, but novel and unusual in interpretation. It is most improbable to find Alfred Schnittke and Metallica alongside Astor Piazzolla, indeed. If this was enough to kindle your curiosity, you are most welcome!
Friday 20 December, 6 pm
“Aconcagua: On Top of the Mountain”

Works by Antonio Vivaldi, Astor Piazzolla and other composers in the performance of accordionist Martynas Levickis and Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra also promise a concert with a difference that can lift up your spirits and make you feel like on top of a mountain. Aconcagua is the name of the highest mountain in the Americas and Southern hemisphere, towering in the Andes mountain range in Argentina. The most famous Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla wrote a concerto for bandoneon and string orchestra named after this mountain.
The emotional appearance of the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra and Martynas Levickis was already met with thunderous applause and many “bravos!” at the St Christopher Summer Festival in Vilnius. It is very likely to have the same effect in our harbour town as well.
Wednesday 25 December, 4 pm, and Tuesday 31 December, 11.30 pm
“Christmas and New Year’s Eve Carillon Concerts”

The urban soundscape of Klaipėda is unthinkable without the howling ship horns and a festive peal of the Klaipėda carillon. Every year on Christmas Day and on the New Year’s Eve the sounds of the carillon rise high and wide above the city, sending season’s greetings to its people. Let the bells of joy always ring in your hearts!
Thursday 26 December, 6 pm
“Christmas Greetings”

This programme of sacred music for choir and organ will be a real treat for our souls. Tuneful, spiritual and noble strains of choral singing and exquisite sonorities of the newly installed organ will pervade the space of St Francis of Assisi Chapel. A perfect opportunity to greet each other and share the joy of Christmas season!
Friday 27 December, 6 pm
“It’s Time to Say Goodbye...”

Mozart’s wonderful serenade Eine kleine Nachtmusik and Violin Concerto in the virtuoso execution of violinist Sergej Krylov and Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, and a very opportune and therefore moving rendition of Haydn’s Farewell Symphony is what the audience can expect from this concert. We will bid farewell to the year, revisit its most memorable moments and… let it sink into the past. The noble beauty of music will help soothe our spirit and dissipate sadness when the time comes to say goodbye…
Tuesday 31 December, 6 pm
“The New Year Is at the Door Tonight”

Following its own tradition of the past several years, the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra will keep us company seeing the New Year in. In the words of the Orchestra’s Artistic Director, Mindaugas Bačkus, the festive Classics will appear in full splendour at this concert, presented by the orchestra and soloists of the young generation who have already earned recognition in Lithuania and abroad. The finest selection of music, excellent performance, and cheerful atmosphere both in the auditorium and on the stage of the Klaipėda Concert Hall – it can only be this way when the New Year is at the doorstep. We wish you happiness and light in the New Year 2014!