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The “Music of Changes” Contemporary Music Festival has been organized since the very first season presented by the Klaipėda Concert Hall and returned every autumn to introduce audiences to the ever-changing musical art of the 20th and 21st centuries, innovative forms of musical expression, interdisciplinary approaches, and unconventional creative methods. It also captivates its audiences by presenting thought-provoking encounters with the most outstanding contemporary artists and performers from Lithuania and around the world. These encounters also feature some ground-breaking works that brought about changes in the history of music during the last century and some cutting- edge musical explorations of the present day. By presenting the most daring and exciting musical art of our time with infectious energy and dash the festival offers an opportunity to focus attention on the ever changing and constantly reviving world of sounds.

This festival owes its occurrence in the roster of the Klaipėda Concert Hall to Loreta Narvilaitė – a passionate enthusiast of contemporary music, composer and the hall’s Artistic Director.

Date of record

2023 May 24

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